Fayner Posts: My dear mother is in town. She comes every year.

Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe my mommy.

Well this visit she’s brought along with her some dude named Joel. He’s pretty lame, but being in her 60s my mother don’t have that many choices anymore.

Joel wants to visit a porno set tomorrow. Travis was supposed to bring us to a Zero Tolerance set yesterday right across the street from my house but when I called him he was hinting around that there may have been some unplanned anal problems going on.

So before they leave on Wednesday I was hoping to just bring him down to some set for like 10 minutes so he can go back and tell all his lame friends.

Please help!!!!! If no one helps me I’ll have to spend the day with them doing the Venice/Santa Monica death tour and that I do not want to do ’cause it is very lame.

Email me or call the LukeFord office at 323 397 2890 if you’re shooting tomorrow and don’t mind me coming down and writing about it while an old guy stands in the corner.

Thanks and have a nice day

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