Filmmaker explains Katie Holmes’ missing sex scene
From The Associated Press

Jason Reitman says a projection error not Tom Cruise was responsible when a Katie Holmes’ sex scene was missing during a screening of her upcoming movie, “Thank You for Smoking,” at the Sundance Film Festival. “I was sitting there in the theater, the scene was missing, and my immediate thought was, ‘Oh my God, Fox cut the scene out of my movie,'” Reitman told AP Radio in an interview. “And then I realized, ‘No, if it’s at the end of the reel, the projector probably just accidentally cut it out.'”

Some blamed Cruise, Holmes’ fiance, speculating that he had pressured Reitman, son of “Ghost Busters” director Ivan Reitman, to remove the scene. “That’s a fun story. I’d read that story. The problem is that it’s not true,” Reitman said. “The problem with ‘projection error’ is that it’s the truth but it sounds like a lie. It sounds an awful lot like ‘wardrobe malfunction.'”

Holmes, 27, and Cruise, 43, have been engaged since June. They announced her pregnancy in October. Aaron Eckhart stars with Holmes, Maria Bello, William H. Macy and Sam Elliott in “Thank You for Smoking,” adapted from Christopher Buckley’s satiric novel about a tobacco-industry spin doctor.

Reitman said more people probably know about his movie because the scene went missing. “The most likely reason that they would have heard of it is because of the sex scene,” he said. The filmmaker also said Holmes’ sex scene is as tame as anything you’d see on the Disney Channel. “Thank You for Smoking” with the sex scene is slated for limited release March 17.


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