We here at Lukeford read from Luke over at Lukeisback, who use to own Lukeford and his name really is Luke… WHAT??

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Luke is reporting that there is some news coming from Metro / Video Team!
Luke says that Metro may be merging with Video Team or simply buying them out… details to come.

On a personal note. I was at Metro in 2004 when Kenny G and Christian first started talks about a merger/joint venture. It was SO DAMN CLOSE, I remember the night Kenny Guarino had Christian Mann at his house in Beverly Hills to discuss the lines, titles, websites. I thought the next day I’d be getting called into a meeting to hear the news. But talks broke off and I know Kenny was really disappointed. More than likely Les Rich, the bumbling fuck up lawyer who runs Metro into ground, probably fducked it up, he fucks up everything else he touches.

And now to hear Luke breaking this kind of news is great. I hope Kenny G pulls this off, he deserves it. People love to bash Metro and evethough there is a lot of incompetence in that company, Kenny G is a great man and it would good to see him back on top. A purchase like this just might make that happen.

It was an honor to work under Kenny G directly, he taught me A LOT. If he was in control of Metro it would be the number one company in the business. But he has so many other interests that require his attention that he can’t be in all places at the same time. I truly hope something great happens for Kenny G and Metro… with the right team in place, it will once again be a great company!!!!!

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