Testa’s entry: That time at my apt that chick Kayla came with KB and some nasty blonde skank and the blonde blew KB in my bathroom on video

Stuarts entry: Hey Fayner, when I was a kid I found a Think Rubber Flat bottle thing hanging in my Moms Bathroom. Me and my friend had made some koolaid and we needed something to hold it when we went outside to play. This thing was like a rubber canteen of some sort and had a long tube with a plastic end with holes on it. The hard plastic end was about the size of a Kindergarden thick pencil. We filled it with Koolaid and was drinking it from the plastic end with the holes, putting it in our mouths and then squeezing the bag. My sister came home from work and found us doing this and she explained to us that was my Mothers Douch Bottle and that she inserts the plastice end into her you know what. We both threw up when she told us this. This was so damn gross. How about those clipper tickets, better yet can I meet Taylor Rain.

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