These days everyone needs a good editor, a real good editor!! Well, one just came available and can be hired for work.

Bobbi Blair, the one time adult performer, has retired from performing and now spends her time exclusively working on the editing AND authoring of Hi-Def adult and mainstream projects.

Bobbi is one of the best up an coming editors there is. She’s cut complete movies for both Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment, plus she’s worked on projects for websites. Bobbi’s been inside the business and has a complete understanding of what the fans and the directors want in a title. Bobbi has an incredible repoir with directors, cast and crew because of her time in front of the camera.

Bobbi is a major coup for anyone looking for great work done on their projects. She can do it all!!!!!

She’s masters and scores her own music, she does it all. She can create a beautiful glossy style scene to a fast and intense all out anal fuckfest!

To get in touch with Bobbi, call 310-780-4457

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