Title: Ecstasy In Blue

Terri Hall, Crystal Sync, Helen Madigan, Annie Sprinkle, C. J. Laing, Bobby Astyr, Eric Edwards, Marc Stevens; others


Armand Weston

            I was only five-years-old when this film was released. God, who knew they made porn so awesome back then? But when you have a cast of porn legends including Annie Sprinkle, C.J. Laing, Terri Hall, you’re bound to get a top quality product.

            The premise of the film is the character Manny (Marc Stevens) who is a leader of a group in which he gathers horny women. One woman to join his cult is Laing because she is unhappy in her marriage, however her husband isn’t having it and the fun ensues.

            There are a total of seven scenes. Each scene is a lot of fun to watch and the majority of them are group efforts so you get a lot of action. This is how porn should be made in the 21 century.

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