Fayner Posts: Oh, you missed me, didn’t cha? That’s super cute. Almost to a point of being gay. Teetering, you are, on the cusp of fagdom. Sweet.

I took the fucking week off ‘cause I lost the internet connection I was stealing. Plus, my computer’s been acting up and I nearly smashed it like I did my last one. Instead of doing that I chose to just kick back and not write anything for the week. Sweet.

Plus, I’m a lazy lazy lazy man.

Deal with it.

We got lots of good stuff coming up for the second half of February, despite me being scheduled for Jury Duty starting on Wednesday. For this, I’m gonna do the complete opposite of recently-became-American ZT director Mike Quasar and act smart during jury selection (Act being the key word here) instead of like a total dumb-ass, ‘cause from what Quaz told me midway through his trial as jury member, they’re looking for dumb-asses to sit on a jury. I don’t want to be selected for jury duty; not because I’m against the trial process and America, but because I care about providing you with the very best in whatever it is that I do.

Lots of good stuff indeed.

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