One of the best photographers in the business is available for work.

TODD TODD, the exclusive photographer for Jill Kelly Productions and Defiance Films is now available to work with other companies.

“I had a great time at Jill Kelly, I’ve shot for Metro, Cal Vista and Vertigo to name a few. And I now work with Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment, plus I shoot the exclusive content for Taylor Rain’s official website but I’d like to add more to my plate. I hate down time, I love to work and I want to do more things.”

Todd is regarded as one of the top photographers in the business and has references up the kazoo, plus he’s expanded his repertoire to Directing (he’s directed titles for Vertigo). 

Todd is now available for production stills work, box cover shoots, day rate photography, glamour shots, website photography, magazine and print photography and directing.

To book Todd, email him directly at or at 310-780-4457.

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