Fayner Posts: Woke up yesterday and walked across the street to check out the latest installment of Tits Ahoy by Third Degree being shot.

Actually, and truthfuly, I just wanted a free lunch. A free peek at Lisa Ann getting pounded, too.

A brand-spankin’ new 5 Series BMW was sitting in the driveway, all shiny and look-at-me-I’m-so-fucking-new-and-cool.

“Who’s car is this?” I asked Travis the PM/PA/Sperm cleaner-uper.

“It’s Quasar’s new car.”

“Lucky son of a bitch. So this is what you drive when you’re not spending your life chsing after porno chicks and doing bag after bag after bag of expensive drugs?”

“Pretty much.”

I was as jealous as a man can be. Until….

I soon found out that Quasar’s former partner Michael Adam just bought the same damn car.

Then I just felt queasy.

I men, how gay is it when two guys people having been calling a gay couple for years now go out and buy the exact same fucking car?


That’s the answer.

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