Camera got them images

Camera got them all
Nothing’s shocking…
Showed me everybody
Naked and disfigured

Nothing’s shocking…

And then he came
Now sister’s
Not a virgin anymore
Her sex is violent…


Make a girl look cheap
Like a tongue extended
A baby’s to a mother
Sex is violent!
Sex is violent!
Sex is violent!
Sex is violent!






Dear Ms. Rain,

I would like to share my concern with you regarding the Craven Moorehead photos placed in your website. It is not my intention to repress artistic freedom or freedom of expression but I would really appreciate you take into consideration my point of view.

For some reason I do not know, we live in a world full of violence and evil; many people do not respect the holiness and the dignity of life. Women, especially, have been thru history tortured, raped, murdered….There is a lot of disturbed people out there who, for some reason, can not tell fantasy from reality, and are more than willing to do the kind of stuff that is portrayed in those pictures.

I am wondering if you would be willing to reconsider your decision to post those photos in your website.

In no way, shape or form it was my intention to be a nuisance.

Please take good care of yourself.

Thank you for listening to me.


Fayner Posts: This email came to me first, so I’m gonna respond and then we’ll have TMFR say what she thinks as well.

Artistic Expression is every man’s right, whether violent or PG. It’s no one’s right to declare what is deemed violent or not, although some find it their mission to do so.

Craven is not doing anything that isn’t being done every day everywhere. Maybe not in the same context, but women, in Hollywood in particular, are constantly being exploited and degraded by men. Not saying this is right, but it’s a truth many blind themselves from.

Does it matter that the girl in the photo is Craven’s friend and did this knowingly?

I fully support this picture in all its artistic merit. It speaks volumes on America. Craven is a visionary, a true Patriot!

What you think, TR?

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