Fayner Posts: I felt I wasn’t giving MySpace the proper respect it deserves and found myself using it for what it is meant to be used as, a place to meet chicks, the other night as I sat alone weeping over my pathetic and lonely existence.

While scoping out a certain porno chick’s friend list, I came across what has to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Gorgeous, really, the kind of chick that had 2000 friends on her list and 25 comments per picture in her picture page.

There was a point I was trying to make. Oh, yeah.

So I asked this amazing lass what she was doing on a porno chick’s friend list; was she in the biz, interested in the biz or just unaware?

She told me she was thinking of maybe doing some porno, and the adult actress in question was helping her along the way.

Instantly I jumped into action.

Instead of doing what most in my situation would do – try and scoop her up and for myself and make cash off her misery with promises of making her a star using my contacts – I thought about how damn hot she was/is and began trying to disassemble her curiosity for a life in filth.

Seriously, this chick is 100% hot. Young and blonde, untainted even.

We went back and forth through all the main points – money, fame, independence, money, money, money – and I tore them all apart one by one. I expressed to her how she doesn’t need to be doing porno, that she can easily make a good living as a mainstream model without risking a future so probable of “well, if she didn’t do porno” and “geez I’d love to hire you but…”

But what about the money? she kept asking. Isn’t Jenna Jameson a huge star with bags full of cash at her disposal?



She’s the only one.

Finally, this lucious babe was convinced. I had scared her away from doing porno. At least for now. She said she was gonna tell the porno chick interested in her that I had fucked it all up and talked her out of doing movies. I said go ahead.

I would rather keep one promising gal out of porno and lose all my friends than let them take the plunge without at least trying to keep them away.

Is that my good deed for the day? God I hope so…

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