Fayner Posts: Getting a quick coffee yesterday with Stephany of HOTWAX who does makeup for the porno business. Neither of us got coffee. We just chatted for a bit.

“You look fucking exhausted!” I told her.

“You think? I haven’t had a day off since Vegas.”

“You work too much. Maybe you should cut down on your clients.”

“I did!” Stephany shot out. “I used to work for anyone. Everyone, really. Then one day on a Platinum X set for John Strong this chick shows up.”

“A chick, really? Whatever did you do??”

“Fuck off, Fayner. I was getting to that.”


“Well, this chick was fat and had no top teeth. I did all I could with her, you know? But she still didn’t look right.”

“The missing teeth?”

“Yeah, the missing teeth. How can you make a chick with no top teeth look ready to shoot a porno, I thought. Well, you can’t.”

“Was that the final straw?” I inquired.

“Oh, yeah. Now I only work for Jonni Darkko, Robby D and another company. No surprizes, no drama….”

“And no missing row of teeth?”


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