I told Naudia Nyce couple days ago lets do an interview about how you didnt make it to avn the year before and how was it this year for you signing at the defiance booth? She said ” I would love to!!!” How about tomorrow at 7:30 at my place! She said “right on! Just have to get a babysitter!” SWEET!!!!

She was at my house at 7:30pm.

First thing first lets smoke a bowl!

She said “Lets smoke this blunt”. She pulls a blunt out behind her ear!!! I tripped out and got high and tripped out some more!!!

“OK lets do this interview” I said

TR: First question!!!

NN: Im getting nervous!

TR: Don’t be!!! Your high its all good!!

TR: OK first question!!! How did you like signing at AVN for your first time?

NN: I fuckin loved it!!! i love the contact with the people and i love to show off!!!

Pic 1: Naudia Nyce
Pic 2: Naudia Nyce

TR: Second question!!! Dont get nervous!!! What happened to you last year when you tried to go to AVN?????

NN: Oh god! This is a long story!

TR: go ahead! What were you thinking when you went to the fuckin airport????

NN: I wasnt i was on tweek for three days!!!! From the beginning, I was suppose to go with two other tweekers that were getting there shit packed while on tweek!!!

Pic 3: Naudia Nyce
Pic 4: Naudia Nyce

TR: Thats impossible! Tweekers suck because they go threw everything 15 times and they are ALWAYS late for everyhing! anyways go on!!

NN: so I bought a ticket last minute and decided to ditch the two tweekers!!!! and I took a town car! Fuck that dawg! she thought! I don’t want to miss my flight!

Got to the Burbank Airport!

Checked in a bag and got my ticket and then went towards the security line to catch my flight!

Pic 5: Naudia Nyce
Pic 6: Naudia Nyce

TR: Did you have any drugs on you or were they in your checked in baggage?

NN: I had a weed pipe in my purse that I didn’t know about and half a ball of crystal in my fifth pocket!!!!

TR: Fuckin ‘a’ man!!! Thats a burn!!! What were you thinkin?

NN: Like I said I was up for three days doing meth!!! I wasn’t thinkin!!!

So I went threw the security fine but then they asked if they can go threw my purse? and i said “SURE GO FOR IT”!

DUH! I had a weed pipe in my purse!!! They found it! They told me, let me see your license and if you have no warrants out for your arrest, YOU ARE FREE TO GO!!!

At that point, I was shaking because I knew I wasnt free!!!! Also I was on tweek for three days so I was a little shaky!!!

Pic 7: Naudia Nyce
Pic 8: Naudia Nyce

TR: WHY???? They didn’t find your drugs????

NN: Because I have a warrant out for my arrest!!!! A few of them!!!

The Airport Security said ” Mam we have to arrest you for having four warrants in Northern CA.

At that point they knew I was on something and even asked me! Do you have any drugs on you? Will we find any on you?

I said “NO”!

Then they had to arrest me and took me to the airport holding cell. They told me they were waiting for LAPD to show up and for a women officer to search me!!!!!!

Finally I fessed up and told them about the crystal in my fifth pocket!!!!!

Pic 9: Naudia Nyce
Pic 10: Naudia Nyce

TR: Oh shit!!! Thats fuckin whack dawg!!!!

NN: LAPD came and brought me to the local Burbank Police Department booked me and in and then sent me to Twin Towers and then booked me in there.

Then I was released and sent on a bus for ten hours to Northern CA where my warrants were. Also I forgot to tell you!!!! I was on a bus with all GUYS!!! I was the only GIRL!!! So they put me in the front in a CAGE!!! With cuffs on my feet and wrists!!!

TR: That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!! They had you in a CAGE????

NN: YUP!!!

Pic 11: Naudia Nyce
Pic 12: Naudia Nyce

TR: Thats hot!!!

NN: I served 6 days in jail and got out and they put me in a drug program. Also had fines and probation!!!!


NN: OK next question thats it!!!

TR: Ok! How long have you been in porn?

NN: Since July, 2002

Pic 13: Naudia Nyce
Pic 14: Naudia Nyce

TR: What you do before PORN?

NN: I was a tourguide at a goldmining spot in northern caly!!!

TR: WHAT NOW????? THATS REAL HOT!!! Do you like ANAL sex better on or off camera???

NN: I’d rather have anal off camera!!! Ive been having ANAL sex since I was 15!

TR: Me too!!! Do you like DP’s?

NN: I like them now but not so much in the beginning of my career!

Pic 15: Naudia Nyce
Pic 16: Naudia Nyce

TR: Who did you do your first DP with?

NN: Mark Davis and Tony Tedishi

TR: What company?

NN: DVSX! First time I ever squirted was that DP scene!

TR: How many people ask you if your Belladonna’s sister?

NN: 6 out of 10 people ask me that! I was at Dennys last week and a girl came up to me and asked if I was Bella’s sister. Aslo, one day I was on Hollywood Blvd. with my family and someone across the street screaming “Belladonna“!!! It gets annnoying sometimes.

Pic 17: Naudia Nyce
Pic 18: Naudia Nyce

TR: Did you ever have sex with Scott Fayner for coke or press or just for the hell of it?

NN: I just did it for the hell of it!!! But it was just a BJ.


NN: Just got out of jail and I wasnt doing anything anyways. So I sucked him off!


NN: I got a bloody nose while blowing him!

TR: For real!!!

NN: He’s so scrawny that I was hitting his pelvis bone. Plus, I have a big nose!!!

TR: Interesting! Do you like the black dudes????

NN: I don’t have sex with them but I smoke weed with them!

TR: I’m the same way!! Off camera have you fucked a black guy?

….. part 2 tomorrow

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