Shanna would gladly share information about herself if it weren’t for the cock in her mouth


Hello Fayner,

First let me wish you an HAPPY NEW YEAR

Im a french porn fan since 25 years ! Im now 40 ! Can you help me with some requests ?

Im looking for any infos about Shanna Mc Cullough ? Websites or pictures or everything…. 🙂

Annette Haven may be super old now, but isn’t she still pretty strokable?


And last, do you know where i can find actual pictures of golden age stars ?


Take care

Joe from Belgium


Fayner Says: Shanna’s site is

There are many sites for elderly porno pics, and is one of them.


Dear Scott Fayner
I am writing you to tell you that I am a fan of your site. A lot of the stuff you write about is funny and I totally agree with your political views. I stumbled upon your site a long time ago and since then have been reading it every now and then. I am a senior at Providence College in RI and had a couple questions. I am not trying to interview you for some college paper or anything else like that, unlike that last college asshole that was a friend of your friend or your old college roommate’s brother (whoever it was I guess it really doesn’t matter) that tried to interview you. I was wondering if it is even worth going to the AVN’s, like as a fan. Is there anyway to get tickets and just hang out at the convention? Would you recommend going to any other convention or shows of this nature? Also, are their any marketing jobs in the adult industry. I mean there must be. (But any openings and opportunities?.) Being marketing major I just wanted to look into it.( and seeing it as a 8 billion dollar industry). I would appreciate your feedback but I do realize you’re probably busy with other shit. Thanks for your time.

Fayner Says: Guess what? I am too busy with other shit.

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