In real estate the golden rule has always been location, location, location. And the selection of spiffy surroundings [including cascading water falls to backdrop the dancey-dance interludes] goes a long way towards the enjoyment of Pleasure 2 from Defiance Films- a slickly turned meditation on threesomes, including a bonus sixth scene with Bobbi Blair and Paola Ray.

Could such scenes have been masterminded with the same impact had they been shot in the front seat of a ’69 Volkswagen? It’s hard to say. But in Pleasure 2- there’s a lot of ball room, and we don’t necessarily mean for dancing. Although Ben English essays a hot cha cha cha with Daisy and Jenaveve Jolie in the show’s opening homage to third party intercourse.

Ben is rock hard and, as usual, sullen faced like a traffic cop, as soon as he leaves his pants. And there’s no tomorrow in the urgency with which he takes command of this encounter that includes a lot of reverse cowgirl action, side saddle and doggie. The tandem works as efficiently as a Barnum & Bailey plate spinning act. When Daisy’s occupied with cock, Jolie’s got her hands and lips around something and vice versa. Then Ben puts the show way over when he prison fucks Jenaveve. And throughout this scene and the movie as a whole, you’ve got a detailed, crisp camerawork that never misses a beat.

Vanessa Lane and Ava Vincent then share some couch time with Anthony Hardwood. Not surprisingly, Lane, the lighter of the two, is the one who tests Newton’s laws of gravity when Hardwood takes her for an upside down spin in the ozone. But this is not just a look at me show of strength, because Anthony’s also eating Vanessa’s tight little ass which is gaped moments later when Hardwood goes for a missionary run. In the final analysis, Lane’s butt is getting the frequent flyer miles but Vincent, a pro, is an able third party cock jockey as the moment calls for it.

One of sexy Tiffany DiGivanni’s first scenes in porn is also featured when she and the beautiful Eva Angelina encounter the chiseled perfection that’s Lee Stone. Stone, whose back was killing him that day, guts out some pretty remarkable aerial choreography as he hoists Tiffany in a kind of ass body press yet to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Master of the choke hold, Lee introduces both ladies to Mr. Hand Squeeze in a scene that explodes with take control testosterone.

The math equation shifts when the glorious ass of Lauren Phoenix baits the desires of Brian Surewood and Alex Sanders for some d.p. action; and an anal solo flight accommodating Surewood’s manhood. Either way you have it, Lauren’s spit in your eye sexual bravado shows why she was named top female performer last year with another crack- pardoning the pun- this year.

In the female performer of the year polls, Katsumi’s name should be right up there as well but was implausibly omitted. Although Lee’s a gorgeous performer, she might as well have been playing banjo because the chemistry between Sascha and Katsumi’s rectum is so thick you can practically hear a German oompah band playing anal wedding songs.

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