TJ Direda, who loves going onto chat boards and talking shit about other people under assumed names, then he gets caught with his pants down and cries innocence… has just been busted again.

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It wasn’t long ago that TJ was busted talking shit about the beautiful JUSTINE JOLI, yet when he was confronted by her boyfriend Devan…. he backed into a corner and claimed innocence and ignorance.

I can’t understand why someone IN the business would talk so much smack about others in the business. Jealousy? Envy? Or perhaps it’s just straight up immaturity. This is a big business, and according to reports we all share in a 12 BILLION dollar a year pot… so it just perplexes me that TJ talks shit about people as a means of trying to taint their image and somehow leave himself as a shining star. If you can only make yourself look good by trying to hurt other people, that doesn’t say much about you.

TJ loves to trash Defiance Films and Vertigo, just to name two companies. Funny how BOTH companies are up for AVN Noms for "Best New Company" along with TJ’s company. SO, TJ loves to take potshots at both companies, people within the company, directors, contract stars, etc, always leaving his own company out of the sloth he speaks. That may work for people outside of the business who simply love the drama. But to the people inside the business who know TJ and his history of anonymously posting trash about other people and companies.. it simply goes to further show his immaturity and desperation.

You have a good company TJ, and your product is actually pretty good. You have great AVN ads and your recent publicity push by getting on Sunset was actually a brilliant idea. Did you ever think that instead of trying to damage other peoples reputations and names as a means of enhancing your own… you could simply just focus on your company and your product WITHOUT being a child? If your company and product can’t make it on its’ own merits, then you really have nothing. But the truth is, your product is good but the shit you talk about others taints you, your company and your product, which is a mistake on your part. 

But I digress……

This time… TJ’s not going to back down. TJ’s going to man up and deal with his shit head on!! Good for you TJ!! Word is TJ will be having a friendly encounter with two of the people he’s chosen to talk shit about, lets all hope the meeting goes well.

But our spies have managed to capture TJ hard at work training for this encounter… GOOD LUCK TJ!!!!!

TJ Direda... Coward/Punk/But Tough As Hell

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