You think has power? HELL YES

Skeeter Kerkove has called out Gustavo Chavarria on Stating he would pay Gustavo $100,000 to take a polygraph. To this point Gustavo has refused all offers made by Skeeter to sit down and take any polygraph.

As we put up this story, is setting up the polygraph for early next week.

TWO questions!!

1) Did you at anytime have an affair with Bridgette Kerkove?
2) Did you advise, contribute, assist or participate with Bridgette Kerkove
in the accusation MADE against Skeeter Kerkove towards his children?

$100,000 CASH

Skeeter will be on hand to witness the Polygraph and to hand over the cash.

What if Gustavo gets caught lying?? Skeeter will turn it into a bloody mess

What if Gustavo tells the truth and is innocent of the accusations Skeeter has made? Then Skeeter owes a major apology to this man for the months of torment.


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