2 Little brother of Amber Lynn, first name
 5 First company to contract Krystal Steal
 7 named after the Greek Goddess of Female Jizz
 9 Male lead in most expensive porno ever made, last name
 10 Birth place of Brianna Banks
 11 Classic series that initially focused on incest
 14 Hustler’s only contract performer
 15 Killed himself outside Jill Kelly’s house, last name
 16 City that the late Clive McLean hailed from
 1 Tony Testa’s obvious high school nickname
 2 Former male star rumored to have once been a bus driver for handicapped people
 3 Number of children Larry Flynt has
 4 Allegedly fucked 500 men for one flick
 6 Defiance Films’ debut movie
 8 Past jobs included Screw publisher and deli host
 12 Female performer who moonlights as a wrestler and a fitness competitor
 13 First name of the worst dresser in porno


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