Genre: Straight, Feature
Studio: Defiance Films
Director: Vincent Voss
Extras: Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery
Featured Performers: Sandra Romain, Ice LaFox, Layla Rivera, Nadia Sinn, Mya Luanna, Monique Madison, Persia DeCarlo, Lee Stone, Alex Sanders, Mark Wood, Brett Rockman

Overall Rating: 4 out 5 (Buy)
Year of Production: 2005
Year of Release: 2005
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Feeling in the mood for something hot and spicy? Defiance Films’ Latin Obsession may be just want you need. Latin Obsession stars Sandra Romain, Ice LaFox, Layla Rivera, Nadia Sinn, Mya Luanna, Monique Madison and Persia DeCarlo. The men lucky enough to sample these hotties are Lee Stone, Mark Wood, Alex Sanders and Brett Rockman.

Sandra Romain starts things off with a tantalizing striptease. Her fishnet top and tiny black thong can’t hide her tight, sexy, gorgeous body! As she teases the camera with her sexy look, mesmerized on the TV is all that can be explained. As she squats and plays with her firm nipples, her round ass begs for action. What a fantastic opening!

Next, she’s being spanked and tongue fucked by some dude who looks like he just won the lottery. She takes in his juicy penis like a lollypop. At this point, I’m wondering if there are special effects in the movie because she’s doing such a fantastic job, I just don’t see how he can keep from exploding. As she works over his cock, he penetrates her ass with his fingers. This really turns her on and she aggressively sucks his dick! She squats on his face and rubs her pussy all over his face. Anal in reverse cowgirl is next and she begs for more. As the fuck-festival continues, all I can think of is how incredible Sandra’s body is and how I would die to be in this guy’s line of work! She lies upside down and he plunges his penis in her ass over and over. Finally, after what seems like 2 decades, he pops off in her mouth. She then spits it out on her tits and leaves you hoping she’ll somehow reappear in the film at a later time!

As generic “Santana” music plays in the background, Mya Luanna and Monique Madison kiss, caress and strip for the camera. Quickly, they are seen devouring a poor innocent guy minding his own business on the sofa. As Mya sucks his sack and Monique swallows his penis, again, I’m overcome with envy. As they alternate sucking his penis, I notice how Monique resembles one of my favorite porn stars, Dee! First, Mya mounts the hard cock as Monique sits on his face for some good pussy eating! Monique follows that performance by Mya by mounting the thick cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Mya pulls Monique’s hair from behind and they alternate once again. Monique takes it doggy style and Mya spanks her ass with envy! Quickly, she pulls out his cock and sucks it as Monique awaits more pussy pounding! The scene ends with him pulling out from behind Mya as Monique takes it in the mouth!

Layla does a little striptease for us and her beauty and body are both equally captivating. She has extremely large and firm nipples and her seductive looks are very effective. After her little private dance, another guy sitting on his sofa attacks her. He looks like a bodybuilder and at this point, I begin to wonder if this skinny sexy latina can handle him all by herself. She sucks his tremendously long penis and enjoys smacking her face with his love muscle. If you like rough sex, this is the scene for you. Lots of choking, face slapping, and lots of deep hard fucking. As she mounts his cock, he sticks his finger in her ass and the moans escalate big time! She even joins in on the fun with her own fingers. He shows us the muscles are real by lifting her up about 4 times and fucking her in his bulging biceps. After countless positions, he finally pops his load on her face as she smiles. You can almost sense that she was proud of her accomplishment!

Up next… Persia DeCarlo. This scene is similar to those above with the only difference being DeCarlo’s incredible looking body. Plus, she has arguably the best-looking pussy and ass in the film as well. The only 2 negative parts of the scene would have to be the guy she fucks and her blowjob performance. She is way out of his league and he looked lost at times. Her blowjob was pretty weak. But, man, what a body!

Nadia Sinn and Ice LaFox finish things off with a girl/girl scene. Ice is by far and away the hottest girl in the film. Holy shit she’s smoking! Tits, ass, pussy, face… EVERYTHING is gorgeous! Did I mention she’s fucking outrageous! I’m not a huge girl/girl scene person, but she sucks pussy better than any porn star I’ve seen in a long time! Out comes the fat dildo and they take turns plunging each other! Ice’s ass is vibrating with excitement and her orgasm looks legit! Her tits are extremely attractive and I’m drawn to her firm hard pointy nipples! Next, Ice straps it on and fucks Nadia like a champ! Again, with her ass shaking, it’s hard to find a sexier woman alive!

The DVD comes with scene selection, trailers, behind the scenes and interviews. I found the interviews to be very interesting. Overall, I thought the film was pretty good. If you like sofa sex with countless positions, this is the film for you! There’s no acting, but plenty of fucking! I thought they did very little to focus on the pop shots at the end of each scene. Also, the music was a little cheesy. As far as this being a couple’s movie, it might not be what you’re looking for. The women are incredibly gorgeous with voluptuous bodies; however, the men leave a lot to be desired.

Overall, the Hurricane would rate this movie a 4 out of 5. It certainly won’t blow you away, but it will leave you a little wet with many lasting memories!

Reviewed By: The Hurricane

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