Fayner Posts: TR found a dog on Thanksgiving out in the desert. An old dog. Ancient. Dust and bones. One foot from the grave.

Being the sweet kind caring porno babe that she is, TR brought the decrepit from the scorching desert heat so it wouldn’t die while she looked for the rightful owner.

That was a week ago. I’m still being told the owners are probably still in Glamis on vacation, although many have agreed that the loss of a pet would cause most who loved their dog to end their fun in the sun, so Oldie Oldenclaw has been brought to the house of Fayner and Nate to visit until the rightful owners are contacted and come get their very old dog I have named Oldie Oldenclaw.

I got up this morning to start building a coffin for Oldie. She is super old. I mean, she has trouble lifting her ass to take a shit. That is old.

Anyone know this dog? I don’t have a picture, but just imagine a really old dog that misses her mommy and daddy.

Let us know.

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