What’s wrong with the namesake of our site? The self-proclaimed moral leader (Luke) on his other website had some great photos from the XBiz awards.

As I was looking at the photos I saw that Luke referred to Mark Stein as "co-owner of Matrix Content". Now, I find this somewhat amusing because the real "owner" of Matrix Content is Norman Bentley… and anyone that knows the moral leader would know that he loves to take pot shots at Bentley for some reason. Jealousy? Idiocy? A mad crush on Bentley’s ex-wife? Who the hell knows, but whatever it is it’s taking on a very sick and twisted side to it.

Marc Stein, co-owner??? He’s in the minority of minorities, he was fired from Matrix and he’s actually being sued by Matrix because of his incompetence and breach of duties. Co-Owner? OK, I have a great idea, lets all go to E-Trade and buy 5 shares of General Electric, then we can all email The Moral Leader and announce ourselves as "co-owners" of General Electric and we can all finally be taken seriously in the world. Dipshit.

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