Genre: Erotica
Studio: Ninn Worx
Director: Michael Ninn
Extras: Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery
Featured Performers: Kenzie Ryan, Laura Capri, Electra Angel, Vanessa Hill, Linda Shane, Renato, Mario Rossi, Bob Terminator, Frank M., Sunny Green
Overall Rating: 4 out 5 (Buy)
Year of Production: 2005
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review
My latest Ninn review is Diamond Girl 2: Elegant. This is my first film with Kenzie Ryan. Excuse me, the very beautiful Kenzie Ryan. Much of this film was filmed on location in Budapest and was written and directed by the man himself, Michael Ninn. Diamond Girl 2: Elegant stars, along with Kenzie Ryan, Laura Capri, Electra Angel, Vanessa Hill and Linda Shane. Male talent includes Renato, Mario Rossi, Bob Terminator, Frank M and Sunny Green.
Diamond Girl 2: Elegant is classic Ninn style. A lot of large dark sets with big architectural accents. Those sets are contrasted with bright indoor rooms with a lot of natural light. There are of course bits of Ninn’s flights of fancy. Like a midget in a top hat that plays sort of a piedpipper of pussy. You’ll have to see it to know what I mean. The focus with Diamond Girl 2: Elegant is the classically beautiful Kenzie Ryan. When I first began watching the film it was hard for me to believe that this girl is doing porn. She looks more like a lingerie model and not a porn star. I’m usually not attracted to thin women but Kenzie blew me away. Ninn sure knows how to pick em.
The first scene of the movie is a light and bright indoor scene featuring Kenzie Ryan and Laura Capri. The scene starts with a slow tease. Kenzie shows off her gorgeous legs that look like they are a mile long. She does this thing where she is naked other than her black high heels and crosses her legs. Hot with a capital H! There is also a long masturbation session with Kenzie. She does some clit rubbing and finger penetration. The same goes for Laura. Although I didn’t find her tease nearly as appealing. On the flip side her masturbation was a little harder. After that the girls are finally placed in the same room and Mario Rossi enters the picture. He starts by hard fingering Laura while she sits in a chair. Kenzie then joins in for some cock sucking while Laura sits off by herself masturbating. Kenzie’s cock sucking is all about stroking and sucking the tip. She is not much on deepthroating or spitting. The no spitting is nice to see. The fucking starts with Laura in doggy with her face buried in Kenzie’s pussy. Right where it belongs. The sex has an interesting twist because it takes place of a stainless steel spiral stairway which is surrounded by a glass block wall. These are the things you only see in a Ninn. It’s then Kenzie’s turn. She fucks Mario in reverse cowgirl. The sex is short lived in the scene. For the finishing touch both girls gets a face full of Mario’s cum. They play with his cock afterward and then share the cum amongst each other.
There are two other scenes that feature Kenzie although she does appear in almost all of them. She is in a girl/girl scene with Linda Shane. The scene starts off with both girls masturbating separately. Once together the girls just reach into the toy box for some glass goodies and go at each other. This was a decent girl/girl scene but neither girl looked very inspired. Kenzie’s other scene takes place on an indoor catwalk. Like the other scenes it starts with a long seductive solo masturbation and tease. She’s then joined by Renato. You can tell this girl loves men. Her face lights up during her sex scenes. There are two highlights for the scene. The first is Kenzie doing standing reverse cowgirl. Kenzie has both feet on the floor and she is holding onto a railing in front of her while she is fucking the hell out of Renato. Only a girl with legs as long as Kenzie’s could pull that position off. The second highlight of the scene is the cumshot. There is something so sexy about seeing a woman with a face as pretty as Kenzie’s covered in cum. That could just be me.
There are two other scenes in the film that don’t feature Kenzie. I found both lacking. Electra Angel is in an anal scene. No offense to Electra but she does not look pretty enough to be in a Ninn Worx film. The other scene is with Vanessa Hill. It’s a double penetration scene. It’s an ok scene but it had no chemistry. The good scenes were with Kenzie.
The extras include a good behind the scenes. It had a lot of stuff with Vanessa Hill and very little with Kenzie which was disappointing. There are also some still shots.
Ninn always finds the prettiest girls and Kenzie is another one. I don’t know how he finds women who look so good and act so nasty. I’m giving Diamond Girl 2: Elegant a four out of five.
Reviewed By: The Viking

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