Defiance Films pulled out all the stops in their first ever She Male title.

"We didn’t want to shoot just ‘another’ she male title, where we get a bunch of B and C talent to work with the trannies, we wanted to do something over the top, so we got FIVE A LIST FEMALE STARS to have sex with the trannies" proclaims Defiance director Vincent Voss. "My Production Manager Finch was at a party over the weekend and ran into Mr Tory Lain, Rick (Limp Dick) Shameless. Rick said we couldn’t pull it off, he said he was a seasoned veteran, an expert of Tranny movies, he’s a big fan of she-males, and that genre was the only thing that could get his little willy hard. So I was determined to make this tranny movie the best."

And make it the best he did!!!! Voss called in all his favors and got the brass to open up the purse strings, getting A list girls to venture into tranny world is NOT an easy thing to do!!!

Without firther adieu…. Defiance Films presents todays Tranny Tease!!! Coming in February 2006, TRANTASTIC. Todays featurred Tranny Takers are Cindy Crawford and Cytherea …………. (check back tomorrow for more)!!!


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