Devan "Dcypher" announced yesterday he was stepping down from Hardcoregossip.com to focus on his directing and also to start HIS OWN website venture that will be uncensored.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dcypher since 2002 and I’m proud to say that he’s a friend. Devan is one of the most hard working, devoted and loyal people I know. Plus his intelligence and sheer passion for his work is unmatched by anyone. One of the most incredible things about Devan is the ease in which he’s able to get things done. Some people will struggle to put a sentence down on paper, but for Devan things just flow so easily and seemlessly it’s like poetry in motion. Perhaps part of that is due to the fact that he’s also dating one of the most beautiful girls on the planet, Justine Joli.

SO…. from everyone here at Lukeford, Devan, we love you, we wish you continued success with your directing, we wish you the best in your new website venture and we will always support you!! Wish there were more people out there like you!!

Devans Farewell Rant on HCG:

It was back in September of 2002 when I first got the call that I would be taking over Hardcore Gossip. I was in New York City watching the memorial services for the one-year anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers. Everything in my life had just been turned upside down, from my marriage ending to me having a meltdown and quitting working as a production manager slash producer for all of my clients, the job I had held for the previous six some odd years. It was a tumultuous time, to say the least.

Back then there were only a few PGN sites; Porn. Gossip. News.

Back then there was AVN Dot Com, Luke Ford, and Adult FYI.

Quasarman, who was once known as the Dennis Miller of Porn and who I think is quite a genius, had run an excellent site but ran out of steam and patience with the grammar of male porn stars and disappeared, presumably into a bottle. It seemed like there was a place for a new site amongst these giants of PGN, a bold newcomer with an irreverent voice and questionable methods of spelling. The future was wide open and I was ready to drive record levels of traffic to Metro sites by any means necessary. I was determined to do what no one else had done before, to try everything imaginable, to make HCG the best PGN on the web.

Since then three years have passed. They went quickly too. HCG has grown in size from a site that once boasted a meager 100 k hits for the month on the stats page to a site that pulls well over a million a day. We didn’t take over the world, but I’m still very proud of what the site has managed to accomplish.

For those of you who can remember back then, I’ve taken you through two redesigns of the site, several minor logo changes and a live time blow by blow report on an AIDS crisis that you could not get from the AP news or the Drudge Report. I’ve taken you across the face of Europe on Christmas holiday and through a guided virtual tour of the Queen of Porn’s mansion. We’ve hit porn star conventions, gone behind the scenes at private parties, camped out on the sets of the biggest movers and shakers in porn and ate their food, and all the while I gave you tons of pictures so you could share in it and be part of the action. I’ve given you interviews with the biggest names in the adult entertainment business. I’ve dished out, ran press releases, introduced you to the works of erotic artists, and hooked up the hottest red head’s on the web.  I’ve even run political commentary during an election year.

There’s been a lot of trial and error along the way, no doubt, and some decisions made that I couldn’t take back, but overall, death threats from Nazi’s notwithstanding, it’s been fantastic. Since I started working on this site I’ve witnessed the proliferation of PGN sites on the web. I can’t help but feel, for better or worse, that I’ve been a part of this growth. I’ve contributed.

As I come to the end of my time on this site, I can’t help but feel astonished by how much I’ve seen and learned, both about the nature of this business and about the internet. Running Hardcore Gossip has been my favorite job, but it’s time to move on and do something new. So allow me a moment to get the obvious questions out of the way, before speculation gets the better of you.

Yes, I am still directing feature titles for Metro. I am happy with the company, happy in my contract, and things are going amazingly well. Each new movie I plan is more exciting than the last.

No, I have not been fired. Metro finally granted me what I had openly been asking for nearly six months straight. They let me leave to create my own site, a site that will not be bound by any restrictions regarding content but my own.

To that end I am in the process of building a new site that will be up by the end of the week. I’ve been working on it for nearly two weeks. It’s called Deviant Culture X and can be found by visiting http://www.dv8cultx.com.

My goals for the site far surpass anything I have ever imagined before. Not only will it focus on the adult entertainment industry, DCX will also focus on sex culture, deviance, radical politics, and the freaky side of human nature in general. Don’t worry. There will be plenty of pictures of hot naked porn stars doing the nasty too.

I’d like to thank Kenny G. for letting me run HCG for three years and allowing me to experiment with the site and content. I’d like to thank the people that helped get me the job in the first place. You know who you are, even if we all don’t talk regularly anymore.

And I’d like to offer a special thanks to all of you who loyally read this site, even through it’s up’s and down’s. Come see me on my new site!

That’s it. That’s the end of my days as “ranting Devan.”

So long and thanks for all the hits!


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