Fayner Posts: There is a Burger King commercial playing these days to advertise some new breakfast sandwich that caught my eye. And it’s not because it looks real tasty.

A man, the typical American white-bred male, opens up the shade in his bedroom, only to be face-to-face with the spooky Burger King mascot.

What made me look twice was when in the background behind the man walked a woman presumed to be either his wife or girlfriend.

Sounds normal, right?

It would be if she wasn’t black.

I for one think this is wonderful. Sure, I harp on America for being so prejudiced and corrupt and greedy, but it is a little thing like this that so many will never even detect that revives my love for this country.

Not to say that mixed couples shouldn’t be common and celebrated here. Millions find comfort and love through those of another color, have for years and years and years, despite right-wing opposition and Nazi-like beliefs.

One wonders if this was planned, or just a last-minute decision to give this white man a black significant other, and if her quick on-screen pass was motivated by the fact that she is of a different color.

It may seem insignificant to many, but in my eyes this commercial represents much of why America is a wonderful place to call home. It’s about time we see a representation of what constitutes a healthy population within this country.

Despite people’s opinion that I’m a racist scum, I’m truly happy that someone is trying to eliminate the color barrier in mainstream America. It’s about time, even if only in a fast food commercial for a split second.

That is, unless, the black woman seen walking in the background was cast as the white guy’s maid, in which case someone should be shot dead.

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