ANGRY PUPPY WRITES IN: Ok Fayner, here’s my rhetorical question for the day: wtf happened to my country??!! Personal freedom is the fucking bedrock of our whole system of laws in this country. It was so important to the people that founded this country, that the colonies wouldn’t even ratify the constitution until our rights were SPELLED OUT in a "Bill Of Rights". Remember those?? And interestingly enough, the very FIRST right enumerated in the constitution was the freedom of speech. Wow!… It’s almost as though our noble founding fathers thought freedom of expression was…. oh, I dont know?… IMPORTANT! Jesus Titty-fucking Christ! And now (flash forward 220 years ), the same PBR, Bush-voting, red-state mutherfuckers who NEVER get tired of reminding us all of how the brave troops in Iraq are fighting for "our freedom", see absolutely no hypocrisy in supporting an administration that trashes our liberty with impunity. And while we’re generously exporting freedom to Iraq ( at the barrel of a gun ), the Federal Bureau of Intimidation wages a war on American freedom by shutting down Red Rose Stories and raiding Max Hardcore Prods. ( And I, for one, never get tired of seeing Paul Little corn-hole Catalina in a pair of stripper heels! ). So while I’m very happy for the Iraqi people as they draw their first deep breaths of freedom in the middleeast’s newest hotbed of terrorism, I don’t see our troops fighting nearly as hard for my freedom as Paul Little and his misogynistic cock. Because who’s fighting harder for American freedom right now than the fucking porn industry?! Nobody! And I wanna state unequivocally for the record that I love porn, and I love the people that produce it. And I’m sick of feeling like the whole industry is being painted into a corner. Like it’s in a constant state of retreat… trying to appease the powers that be by caving into evermore intrusive regulations, while continually vying for mainstream acceptance. Fuck that! Enough is enough! It’s time for the jizz biz and its supporters to start fighting back. It’s time to start challenging the GOP brownshirts all the way to the Supreme Court. And if the gods of smut are worried about the cost of rocking the boat, I’ll call every chronic masturbator from Providence to San Diego…. and you just tell us where to send the fucking checks!!

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