Fayner Posts: Anyone who knows me knows I usually steer clear of saying anything about Hustler/LFP/Larry Flynt that could be construed as negative in any way shape or form. I still remain on decent terms with nearly all my former superiors, even the much-badgered Bruce David, with the sole belief that those who have been good to me shall receive the same in return. That and the fact that messing with Larry Flynt scares the piss out of me.

This story follows my usual treatment towards the company.

It was some time ago, in the last year I’m guessing, and I found myself one day in the vicinity of my old stomping ground, namely the LFP building. So I parked my car, and walked up to the entrance with my dog to say hello to some people I know who were out there having a smoke during lunch. I can’t remember who was out there, but I struck up a pointless conversation to kill some time.

Someone approaches, says that there is a guy taking pictures of all of you from across the street.

We look. A familiar face appears from the shadows. Well, I’d say it was more like a familiar blue shirt the man was wearing that triggered me to figure out that it was recently-fired-and same-blue-shirt-everyday-wearing-Hustler magazine staffer Mike Allen, holding a camera and taking photos in our direction.

At that point I decided to vacate the area, remembering clearly that the last time I was out there and pictures were being taken they included one Max Hardcore and a then-unknown Catalina pissing on the sidewalk. I wanted no part of it then, and the same went for this time.

I never wondered what it was all about until today when out of the blue I experienced a flashback about it. Now I wonder what the freak had in mind. Tomorrow I’ll forget about it again. Hopefully forever.

[ED NOTE: No company tattler, snitch or loose-lipped staffer played a part in this story. That’s TheRealLukeFord’s territory and I’m keeping my distance. Carry on.]

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