The bright red Hustler Hollywood sign in Richmond has been topped — literally.

The congregation of Red House Baptist Church in Richmond bought a sign that sits directly above the Hustler billboard. The church’s sign reads: "Don’t Get HUSTLED, Give Your Life To Jesus."

The sign went up Friday, said Adam Dooley, pastor of Red House Baptist. Dooley said the church paid to have the sign displayed for one year.

"We’re not questioning (Hustler’s) right to have the sign," Dooley said. "We’re not looking to get into any legal battle. We just wanted to make a statement to the community."

The Hustler Hollywood billboard has been up about a year advertising the store off I-75 at Exit 110 in Lexington. The store is owned by Jimmy Flynt, the brother of Kentucky native Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine.

The store offers a wide variety of items, including adult novelties, videos, magazines and clothing. Dooley said the church’s sign is an attempt to show people there is a positive alternative to pornography.

"I don’t like having to explain the sign to our children," Dooley said.

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