The valley is dry right now!

Cruzin in the caddie to go get Kush at the “weed store”. Nothing in the valley is open Pissed!

So I hit up Tyler Wood and tell him how I cant find any weed in this fuckin valley! He tells me to hit up some friends. HOLLA! So I hit them up. “They tell me come to the office. “

“Word! I will be there in 10 minutes” am speeding down Reseda to go get weed bumpin bob Marley! I felt like I was scoring crack at that point because we all know I always have weed on deck. ALWAYS!

I get to this office and I was one happy porno chick because these two people are the perfect pothead couple! They are so cute! So we smoke a joint right away because I was flippin out man!!!!! Then they show me what they got! I said, “I will take it all!” HOLLA!

Anyways, we started talking about these jackets. They are fucking amazing for a pothead! I got one last year and I wore it everyday in the winter.

If you go on you can check them out! They have them for men and women and in a variety of colors. There also made out of hemp and vegan fur, they have one stash spot that holds up to an ounce of Kush, rolling paper dispenser, and they’re awesome for snowboarding, and when your rolling on something good they feel amazing. You are missing out if you don’t have a hoodlamb jacket. HOLLA! Hit me up on my e-mail and I can mail them out to you personally. I will sign your jacket and also send you a free DVD! HOLLA!

Also, I want to say thank you to my friendsfor hookin me up! That purple shit and that hash made me stpiudd!

Peace out!
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