It’s interesting that a post attibuted to me was posted on AdultDVDTalk coming from my name.

Number one: I did not write the post.  Anybody that knows me and the way I write knows I don’t post such bullshit particularly about the company I work for. Number two: I don’t know who wrote the post. Number three: As a webguy, it’s pretty easy for me to figure out who did with help from people who have access to IP numbers.  (Simple process actually)

I am technically the head Diabolic director.  I also have numerous Internet ventures.  And I’m writing a book.  I neither have the time for these stupid ass penny-anny ventures to care.

I’m not going to go into details about this stuff. there is absolutely no purpose.  I love Diabolic and the freedom they give me.  And no, despite bizarre rumors, I haven’t resigned nor do I see it in the immediate or longterm future.

For the record, next time you want to quote me, do it anonymously and go to Kinko or an Internet cafe. Don’t be stupid and do it out of the same house in South Woodland Hills.

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