How do you follow up a killer title and killer cast such as Defiance Films debut title PLEASURE? You follow it up by upping the ante and making the cast just as good and maybe even a bit better!!

Defiance Films and Director Vincent Voss just wrapped shooting on Pleasure 2 starring Daisy, Eva Evangelina, Jenaveve Jolie, Katsumi, Lauren Phoenix, Tiffani DiGivanni, Vanessa Lane Ava Vincent, Avenna Lee, Bobbi Blair, Paola Rey, Alex Sanders, Anthony HardwoodBen English, Brian SurewoodLee StoneSasha

Photographer Todd Todd & Avenna LeePaola ReyPaola ReyBobbi BlairTiffani DiGivanni & Gene RossTiffani DiGivanni Having Hot SexThe Kanan LocationPM FinchTiffani DiGivanni’s Great AssTiffani DiGivanni & Lee StoneTiffani DiGivanni & Eva Evangelina sharing Lee StoneTiffani DiGivanni & Eva Evangelina slurping Lee StoneGene Ross ready for lunchEva EvangelinaBrian SurewoodTodd Todd hard at workLauren PhoenixTiffani DiGivanni in "the chair"Eva Evangelina having a moment with Brian SurewoodVanessa LaneVanessa Lane & Makeup Guy Dan FreyVanessa LaneLauren Phoenix & Director Vincent VossFinch stuffing his faceLauren Phoenix and 2 cocksLauren Phoenix and one cockLauren Phoenix cleaning upGene Ross & Jeneveve JolieDaisyDefiance Films new contract girlTodd Todd waiting for his checkFinch being FinchTodd Todd looking so sexy with the arm bandGene Ross after lunchBobbi BlairJeneveve JolieKatsumi is the most exotic woman on earth, look at that puss!!Dan FreyAvenna Lee out of the showerDan Frey, Daisy and a lost Vincent VossJeneveve Jolie & Ben English’s cock

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