-Lauren Phoenix


Fayner Posts: Shove a giant cock in a chick and she’ll yelp some of the silliest things ever to come out of a person’s mouth.

Phrases like "That cock feels so good!" and "Stuff my cunt!" are normal lines one may hear a porno chick bark during filming of a sex scene, these pre-programmed sound bites being second-nature for any gal holding numerous movies under her belt.

Some smut sluts supply less vocal frenzy, some more. It’s all just a matter of who’s getting drilled and the energy floating around the set.

Take Lauren Phoenix, for example. She’s as oral as they come, and when not occupied by a nearby dick or pussy, Lauren displays her gift of gab better than most.

Whether it be her bona fide arousal, a duty to supply me with hilarious content or the Southern Comfort swimming in her veins, Lauren is a one-whore chorus of potty-mouthed phrases today during her scene for Kiss My Ass with Cindy Crawford and a meat puppet I don’t know.

I’m sitting next to photographer Todd Todd, glaring blindly into space as Lauren’s rectum receives a thorough thumping.

"Oh, yeah," she moans between laps at Cindy’s gash, "oh, yeah, oh, yeah, fuck me harder, oh, yeah, oh, yeah."

Business as usual.


"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, you fill me like a filled-up doughnut with powdered dust! oh, yeah, oh, yeah!"

Todd Todd and I quickly look at each other, simultaneously mouth "what???"

Lauren claimed she had no idea what she was saying, and thankfully so, for if she actually knew what she was saying at that moment we’d of lifted her from the greased pole and brought her to seek professional help.

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