Fayner Posts: Yeah! Yippee! Whoop De Doo! And away we go…

Generate AI Porn

I’ve been to hundreds of porno sets, seen all the best of the twentieth century lay on their back and get pounded by dicks a plenty!

And that makes this otherwise sour man happy.

Today I go see one of my favorite performers engulf cock. Lauren Phoenix. She’s hot, she’s cool and she’s dirty. Her ass is addicted to penis, needs her fix like a junkie.

Today she is shooting KISS MY ASS VOLUME ONE  for Defiance / Torrid, both as the director and as star talent. A bunch of other whores are gonna get their butts fucked, too.

And I’m gonna be there! Also on the horizon for me includes making TR super nervous on the set of her upcoming IN THE PINK, also from Defiance / Torrid. I know she doesn’t like me there watching her have sex and that’s as good a reason as any for me to spend a whole Saturday on her set.


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