Yesterday i showed up to school but it was the wrong day!!! ha!ha!ha! only taylor rain would show up the day before her real class started. i was so disappiontted because i was so excited, nervous, and dumb about going to school and i was thinking i have to do the same thing tomorrow? and i did!

today i wanted to get pulled over for having a truck on airbags, or have a tire blow. i really wanted a good accuse for not going but i didnt. i really didnt want to disappiont myself and others.

i was pretty nervous to pull in to the student parking lot. oh by the way its at a high school in the valley. kids are getting out of school and im going to school. weird! all the photography classes at pierce college were full. so i said fuck it i will go back to high school! (no smoking on campus

pull in next to the gym where kids are out doing stuff! im bumpin pennywise and hittin switches. TMFR  STYLE! get out of my truck and smoke is pouring out and i smell like fuckin skunk.  thats right i went to school HIGH! WHAT?

so i roll into class 10 minutes late and he is already into a lecture. i took a seat and some guy gave me his notes and said your book is under your desk. thanks i said. start copying notes and trying to write notes that the teacher is saying "this will on your final!" i caught up and 5 pages later class was practically over. went to the lab where we will be delevolping our film.

my first day at school was awesome! im down to take a few hours out of week to learn some shit about photography! more updates about school next week! HOLLA!


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