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I never had a chance to get close to my fans. I had a website which was in control of a very knowledgeable webmaster at Metro. I used to get royalty checks and that would really help with my medical bills. One day the check stopped coming. My webmaster had left and a man named LES RICH decided to consolidate my site with other girls. All the girls he has consolidated sites included ex contract girls and girls who they had compiled a little content with. Maybe because the girls didn’t speak up he got away with this? Girls like Gauge and myself are part of that consolidation. He turns our life’s work into a fucking link! When i e-mailed him about the missing royalty checks he said they went another direction with my site. They never contacted me or gave me a buyout option. They said if I wanted the site taken down that they had my content and that they would just create a new stolen site. Scum like this validates my hatred for the people that run the business. Us performers are supposed to be family and that’s why all that racist shit hurt me. Scum like Les was told that I had a terminal cancer and he still dragged my work through the mud refusing to pay the royalties owed. I wasn’t asking for charity and NEVER will. I just wanted what was earned through my name and my likeness!

Les Rich decided not to pay me and I don’t have the money to battle this in court. I had to leave my dream home in Los Angeles. Things are getting more and more desperate every day. He could have went into the back end and figured out what he owed me. He should’ve taken care of around 9 months of royalties. That would’ve maybe took them for $1000 to $2000 dollars. Instead my old webmaster -bless his soul- reached into his pocket and helped with medical bills and cut me a check. You can tell the soul of Metro just by the heartless acts of a corporate scumbag. Where’s all the liberals against corporate pornographers? Scumbags like Les are taking advantage of their position and many other girls will have their lives robbed by him in the future. For all the financial hardship I’ve endured I won’t ponder a feature dance tour or a comeback to the business. Understanding that the bridges were burned in the business I’ve chose to share my life’s work with whatever fans i have left. (There’s like two drunk, blind, and deaf guys raising their hands right no

(Note: It has come to our attention that ALL the sites in question are potentially being run illegally becuase they are displaying illegally used content. You see Metro "bought" most of the sites and the content on the sites. HOWEVER, it turns out that Les Rich has a knack for writing contracts/employment agreements that ensure the person on the other end gets screwed. This is a known fact because he proudly bragged about it to the Executive Assistant to the head of the company, "I wrote this contract so good that the guy will never see a dime of commission". PROBLEM IS THIS… SINCE THEY DID NOT FULFILL THEIR CONTRACTED OBLIGATION TO PAY FOR THE WEBSITES AND CONTENT… THEY ARE BASICALLY DISPLAYING STOLEN CONTENT AND ALL MONIES EARNED ARE SUBJECT TO FORFEITURE PLUS SUBSTANTIAL FINES AND PENALTIES. And with this new insight from Jessica Darlin, the New Jersey based party that was screwed out of the monies has contacted the necessary parties to begin a major action. Displaying illegal content is a big No No these days. So the first step is to contact the Content Providers and make them aware that the content is being displayed illegally because Metro never paid for it – ie: stolen content. Word is the amount is $150K plus 10% gross of certain sites – WOW)

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