AN INTERVIEW WITH CORINA TAYLOR…and it’s good ’cause we didn’t do it

Fayner Posts: Can’t say I know who this chick is, never even heard of her, but my buddies over at sent this along and I decided to throw it on up for anyone who does know who she is and may want to know more. Enjoy

We at MK were completely unaware of the existence of one of our most popular ViXXXens, Miss Corina Taylor. It was in the early quarter of 2004 that she submitted her photos to us and almost a year later we discovered her porn past. Since then she embarked on a hasty hiatus from the industry, made a handful of appearances on the Howard Stern show, appeared in a Monster Magnet video, made the pages of the gossip tabloid The Star in which she is unromantically linked to  actor Jared Leto, become a mother and is making her return to the adult industry with a lil help from none other than MK’s founder Alex Zander.
In fact Corina may have very well enjoyed more media exposure since her departure, including HBO, than she ever did when she was shooting fuck flicks.
When it was announced that Corina would be joining AZ at Glamour Con 36 in Chicago, the adult press picked up on it, and there was a new fire starting in Chicago. This time it was Zander’s cell phone. Photographers form Porn valley and smut studios were burning up his phone, and it was Cherry Boxxx’s Dominic, a publicist that AZ has noted many times has gone more out of his way to accommodate our krew at the big AVN show in Vegas, that had the golden ticket. This very interview was actually conducted for Dominic to accompany the photos he had his photographer take while Corina embarked on her maiden voyage to the Windy City.
While at Glamour Con Corina did numerous photo shoots, met loads of fans, and was spotted  in the company of the legendary Seka and the new girl on the block Justine Jolie, the lovely British lass Taylor Wayne, and of course a massive MK Magazine posse at the annual After Dark Party.

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Perhaps the most notable event of Corina’s visit was the bond that was built between her and MK. We were intoxicated by her southern charm and her almost shy manner. MK is no stranger to developing friendships with adult talent, but this Arkansas beauties etiquette won us over like nobody else. So, it was only fair that we let her tell it like it is in this no holds barred, and uncensored interview, in which among all the press, positive and negative once and for all, you can read her version, here and now, in her first post porn expose’ .
So here she is in all of her slendor, a lady who is more desirable and fuckable and more fun than Hefners girl next door. Corina "the hot chick" Taylor. Bad enough for Stern and Jared Leto but too good for you.

In April of 2004 you submitted your photos to become one of MK’s ViXXXens. How did you first hear of MK and why did you find it an appropriate outlet for your images?

I am not sure I remember exactly just how I ended on, I do know that  I was just sitting around and surfing the net and sort of stumbled onto it. After browsing the site for a bit and seeing what a cool site it was and finding a section that is called the Vixxens section on the site that allows girls to send in photos and be a part of MK, I thought to myself I have got be on here.  MK is a fuckin killer site for a rock a fiend like myself and it housed not only rock but porn as well, and coming out of the adult industry, and seeing the opportunity to be on the site, I had to send in some pics. Alex then contacted me and the rest is history! Actually, Alex did not know until recently that I even did any adult films, LOL.

The music that moves you and the music you listen to and indulge in seems to reflect the same as that which we expose. How did a nice southern girl become exposed to such an anti establishment/ counter culture art-form? 

Around 12 I fell madly in love with Alice In Chains. I wanted to marry Layne Stayley. Not the junkie, I wanted to marry his eerily beautiful voice and his angst and persona that radiated thru his lyrics. I still think he is one of the greatest rock icons of my time. He was easy on the eyes, though LOL. Now the way I was turned onto my favorite band ever which is Marilyn Manson is a different story. A pretty crazy one actually; when I was 14 or so I was living in an apartment outside of Little Rock. This guy from San Francisco moves into the complex. He was pierced and tattooed and just really different from everyone else in the building. This guy actually goes around with a roll of fuckin duct tape and cassette tapes he sat around and made of Manson’s earlier music and was sticking them on doors. I get this cassette tape duct taped to my door along with a note that said something to the effect of listen and you will love it. He was going around like a Jehovah Witness spreading the word only he did not have a bible and a bicycle. He had nipple rings, a roll of tape, and some great fuckin taste in music. I took my cassette and I did just what he said I to do. I still love Manson to this day! I also love 80’s music, too like Depeche Mode and Duran 2, and the glam stuff like Skid Row, Billy Idol, and even Winger, they covered Purple Haze and it fuckin rocked. 

Who in the music industry that you admire have you met, and whom do you really want to hang out with?

I admire so many people in the music biz, not just the people onstage or writing the music I listen to, but people who are behind the scenes as well. I have the chance to meet some cool people though like Rob/White Zombie. I was 15 years old! I did get to meet Manson when I was around 18. I loved the band so much I ended up fucking the touring guitar player at the time on the back of Manson s tour bus, while my friends waited outside in a car in front of the venue for like 3 or so hours. He was only my 2nd sexual partner, so it was wild. I had not even learned that shaving your pussy was the thing to do. We are slow here in Arkansas. So he got hairy high school girl pussy, well I did shave the sides down a bit, oh yeah and he ate it ,too. LOL. I did start shaving it right after that, though. I have also met 3 Doors Down, Jimmy Chamberlain, Peter Di Stefano from Jane’s Addiction, Chad Smith and Adrian Young, the drummer of No Doubt. Damn, I have met a lot of drummers, hehe. Puddle of Mudd, do not get me started on this band of assholes. Umm, who else? I know I am leaving people out for sure. Well Monster Magnet was one too, hehe. I am moving on to the next question for now…

When and how did you get involved in the biz and how long was your tenor within porn?

I entered the Beaverhunt in Hustler magazine. Actually, I entered it two times. The first time they printed my entry photo in Barely Legal, the second time I entered it they not only printed my entry photo in Hustler, but they called me up and told me I was a finalist for the contest. That was my "in" into adult. My mom took the photo that got me the phone call from Hustler. Some people mistook that as my mom ultimately wanting me to do porn. That was not the case at all. It was my idea to enter the contest and she just took the snapshot.
Who was your favorite director/studio to work with?

I really liked working for the guys from Kickass because it just seemed like we always got a good laugh at all my shoots for them, and there was no bullshit. I also enjoyed playing dress up for Suze and Holly Randall. I enjoyed shooting for Clive McClean, for Hustler, he was a funny guy. I also liked the lovey-dovey shoots that I did for Cherry Boxxx and Babydolls as well as for Adam and Eve. My favorite scene though has got to be the one I did with Ben Bratt in Love ‘Em Natural for Acid Rain. He is just really sexy and I thought we worked really well together onscreen.

Everyone knows and it’s well documented that Alex is a HUGE Suze Randall fan. How would you sum up working with a woman in the industry of exceptional taste and an eye for beauty that she is renowned for? 

I thought that Suze did an amazing job for what she had to work with at the time, speaking of myself at that point in time of my life, of course. I knew she was HUGE before I ever went out to L.A. with the contest. I was happy to be able to work her. She is incredibly talented and so easy to work with. I wanted to shoot with Kurt Lockwood on that shoot and she even made that happen. Holly Randall is great too. You know Suze looks like a woman who would never say the word pussy and she said it a lot, LOL. I also learned something new on her set that day.  I had never seen or heard of a bidet in my life. You know the French toilet that squirts water up into your pussy and ass. I sat on hers as long as I could before the shoot! I would love for her to shoot me with my new figure. I know they would be some amazingly beautiful shots. Suze is great.

Why did you decide to take a "hiatus" from the industry? 

I was just wearing out. I was worn out physically and mentally. I just really needed to come home. I had a shoot booked the very day I got on the plane to come home. It was for Joey Silvera. I hope he forgave me for that LOL. I got up at like 4 in the morning and I packed up my shit. I called LAX and there was a plane leaving for Little Rock at like 6:30-7ish.  I took all my things and I was on the plane back home to Arkansas just like that. I did not think twice about my decision to leave.

When did you move to LA, why, how long, and what are the ups and downs of Porn Valley? 

I moved to L.A. in Aug. of 2003. I was like a nomad or a gypsy or something. I moved around so much in the 9 or 10 months I was out there, it was ridiculous. Well for me there were a lot more downs than ups. I really got taken advantage of in a lot of situations. I did not make too many friends while out in Cali. I did make friends with a taxi driver from Simi Valley though, he would make sure I was alright no matter what. Especially after I ran out on a former agent over the whole “anal” thing. The very first time he picked me up to take me somewhere he started telling me dirty stories. Hehe, I did not know what to think of him, but he turned out to be a sweet little old man. He was like the perverted grandfather I never had. I also ended up spending some time on my own living in and out of hotels around the valley. There are very few who I stayed in contact with and even fewer who are performers that I have talked to since leaving Cali. Kami Andrews is one of the few girls in porn that has heart and soul. I have kept in contact with her through e-mail.

Motherhood? How has it changed Corina? 

Becoming a mother for me is a blessing in itself. I mean under all the shitty circumstances surrounding my pregnancy, I decided to keep her and just be a single mom until I meet the right guy who is gonna love me for who I am and I can have, you know the simple kind of life. Of course, they have to love Savannah too, hehe. I would like to sit here and say that becoming a mom has made me somewhat of a tamer person, but I think it has done just the opposite. Now I am defending two human beings and not just myself anymore in a world of shit. She is such a light to have around. She is growing so fast and has her own little personality already.  She is a complete mess and I love every bit of it. So that I don’t sound cliché here, I will just say that there are some very pretty baby girls in the world and mine is most definitely one of them. 

Elaborate on the labor that you described to me after giving birth to your daughter.
Let me just say it was the absolute most indescribable amount of pain I have ever felt in my entire life and I have been hit in the head with an axe!  First, my doctor let me spend almost two full weeks in hell waiting on me to dilate past 2. It was not happening at all, so I ended up having to be induced. It was like a circus at the hospital when I went in to have her. I won’t go into that LOL. My epidural ended up not working properly and Savannah started to head out. Not only did I feel the WHOLE fucking thing, the doc stitched me up twice because he suddenly notices that he had stitched me up with the wrong fucking size shit. I felt it all. Of course, at that point you don’t care. I am lying there holding my baby and feeling every stick of the needle between my legs the entire time. Now I am like if I can go through that ,I can go through anything. Throw a brick at my head, I can handle it LOL. But it was all worth it in the end. 🙂 

How does your relationship with your family figure into your work? 
Well, outside of my mom and the whole Hustler thing, my step-dad kinda got drug in when I mentioned on Stern that he and my mom had seen some of my work. I also admitted to having walked around the house naked in front of him. Stern, then wanted to talk to my step-dad. That whole ordeal just opened a can of worms that ended up having my step-dad failing a lie detector test given to him by Ed Torrien on national television.

So you’ve been getting loads of press as of late. Lets start w/ Howard Stern. Tell me about that? 
The way I initially got on the Stern show was when I did this show for pay per view and it was some rigged up bullshit.  They needed a girl to go on Howard Stern that was part of the show. For some reason they called me up to represent them. I went on the show not wanting to. I literally fought going on the show. I had watched Stern for years. I mean he is one of my favorite people in entertainment, but I have seen him totally decimate girls on his show.  I was so scared of that. Howard ended up not doing that to me. He was way more interested in me than the shit I was there to plug. I ended up being on his show like two or three more times and I also did a couple of call-ins as well. Howard was great to me. Of course, he has the talent of tearing people to shreds without them really picking up on it at the time, so for all I know he could have been doing that to me, but I honestly don’t think so.

And Star Magazine and Jared Leto. What’s your version of that scenario? What’s the truth according to Corina?

I mean the whole thing was about how Jared was still dating Cameron Diaz at the time all this took place. He like, was playing with his dick while watching me lap dance his own brother after I got through lap dancing Jared himself. Jared had this MONSTER size cock, too. I was like WOW, he needs someone tall like Cameron to take that thing. When Jared hooked up with Ashley Olsen, it was on, the story had to be printed. I was so excited…Not only did I get to see Jared Leto’s BIG dick firsthand Star magazine writes about it years later LOL. I loved watching him in "My So Called Life" on MTV back in the day. So my run in with Jared was definitely one of the up’s (literally) that came out of being in the biz.

Has Jared responded? If so, how? 

The very next week Jared dumped Ashley because he felt she was too like “cookie-cutter” for his newly found image. He must have loved it. Guess he felt like more of a rock-star because of it.

Do you feel misquoted?

I do not really think of it as me being misquoted, but how people are interpreting what I am saying. I would say that I do feel more persecuted rather than misquoted or mistook. I have seen some shit and fought battles that I have not seen any and I mean any of the other girls in adult put up with and go through. People were jealous of me in high school and shit though, and some of those people years later blast nasty shit about me along the net. I am like HOLY SHIT, you people still haven’t grown the fuck up? Then again, I was born and raised in a state full of ignorance and close-minded closet freaks. Why should I expect anything any different?

Corina, when we met and we were having lunch at the hotel, we asked you about anal. I don’t think we got to the virtual "bottom" of the subject. Lets clear this up, once and for all. On Stern he asked and you and claimed to have done several anal scenes on film. Yet, in another interview you had claimed that the director nearly forced you to do anal, and you mentioned that you didn’t even practice the fine art in your personal life. 

Okay, once and for all, lets clear up all of the misinterpretations and misrepresentations. This is a very touchy subject for me. I mean I was there, I was the one who got fucked up the ass, and I was the one who got fucked over in so many different ways that day. Not the asshole posting their stupid fucking opinions on ADT. Vince knows both he and Eric fucked me over.  Everhard has been offering up footage of the incident as of a couple of weeks ago. Funny because he is trying to make himself look innocent, so why when Vince chopped up the whole fucking scene would Everhard not chop shit up to make himself look like a hero, too. Give me a fucking break. It is also funny to me that the agent I ran away from over anal was buddies probably buttbuddies with Vince Voyuer and this whole fucking incident happens on Vince’s set. “The cocks already in your ass” was repeated several times at the beginning and did that make it to the final cut? Well fuck no!!! I read the other fucking day where some jackass on ADT writes on there and says that I told on Vince and Eric becaise they put some bitch on the box cover instead of me, with it being my first anal (forced or not), that I was whining over that. I am like, “what a dumb fuck!!” That box did not even come out for like two months or so after the fact, and I talked to Sharon Mitchell the very night this took place. I did not know that night that I would still be getting fucked months, and now over a year almost 2 years later!!  Fuck! Not only that, when things get quiet that is one of the subjects that just keeps getting reopened. I want it to die already. I got fucked over. It’s history HELLO! Sometimes, I can make a statement and people try to find ways to connect it to the whole Vince thing, I am like, man, I am trying to fucking close this chapter in my life. Whatever comes out of my mouth has nothing to do with that shit. I am trying to fucking forget it, if people would just let me. I  mean if you got thrown into being fucked up the ass and you had never been fucked up the ass before and you were not ready, would you wanna sit around and discuss it for years. I  don’t think so! You would be doing your best to accept it, forget about it, and move on!

So after over 1 year off, are you willing to and are you ready to go back to work? 

Only under the right circumstances and only for the milder stuff. It also has to be for the right people. There are some good people in the jizz biz if you are lucky enough to find them.

What are your stipulations, and standards? 

Well, I need to be careful now. More so now, than ever. I don’t need to be in any dangerous situations. I have a daughter that needs me. I honestly wish I could only do girls. If I had known the biz at all when I jumped in, I would have gone that route. A guy is more apt to respect a girl who is adult that only works with other women than one who does gangbangs, LOL.  I mean I have not had sexual intercourse since October 2004.That is my choice, of course. I am not this super slutty girl that goes out and sport fucks. Sex is not like a hamburger for me, I don’t need it to survive LOL. It’s nice with the right person, but it is not at the top of my everyday agenda. On a lighter note, I do love giving head and I like to swallow, hehe.

What did you make of Glamour Con? 

I really enjoyed Glamour Con. I mean Alex Zander and the guys from MK made it all possible for me. I was just glad to be able to finally meet Alex. I was supposed to meet him in Vegas this past Jan. and I was unable to to make the AVNs .I was happy to sit down with Alex and have a conversation in the flesh.

And meeting AZ in person, was it as bad as you expected? 

Bad… LOL…In a good or bad way, hehe. Alex is not only very personable…he shares a lot of my same interests in music and movies. He was so open and so friendly. I am so glad I was able to make the trip up to Chicago. He’s just this amazing guy that totally rocks and he loves what he does and he’s so likeable… He is the nicest person I have met that is associated with the adult biz. I mean he accepted me and he did not listen or believe the b.s. He met me, and we conversed with each other on a level of openness and acceptance that I have found to be so fucking rare in the industry and outside of the industry.

Do you see your relationship w/ MK and AZ as friends and associates as helping you get back into the industry? 
I ultimately do not wanna be in the industry. I mean I may do one more dip in the biz if and only if things are done the right way and I am safe and taken care of. I wanna do more music videos and modeling and have extra roles in “B” movies, that sort of thing. I would love to be in a horror flick someday. I am a HUGE fan of scary movies and gore. I have been ever since I was a little girl. I am in school full-time working on a science degree and I am enrolled in a surgical tech program. I wanna do that too. I have a lot of things I would like to do. I would also like to do them in a way that better represents who I am as a person, a real person, than anything else I have ever done.
You came to Chicago with a rock-n-roll photographer who seemed to be a pretty good friend. How long have you known Joe and how is he involved in your return to the spotlight?
I have known Joe (Lousi) for quite some time. He was a dj at one of our local rock stations that houses a rock calendar, which I have appeared on. I was around 19 when I met Joe. Joe normally shoots musicians and live acts, but he does shoot local models on the side. I needed someone who knew what I wanted and was compatible for me and willing to help me in the photography/managing dept. He also owns 2 other businesses of his own. I am just his side gig.
Where can people see more of his work? 
People who would like to see more of his work experience, if they are interested in rock-n-roll artists can check out He also just got through shooting me for a cover in my home state of Arkansas. It was for one of our local magazines.
You shot with Karlton. What did you make of that and did what MK had to tell you beforehand make sense? 
Karlton was very nice and very easy to work with. His shoot was long, but he took some really sexy stuff for Alex and MK. He is a talented photographer. He is funny, too. He has sent me some of the photos that he took over the net and he was apologizing. I was like, “what?” These things are fuckin hot. He is such a perfectionist that perfection is not perfect enough for Karlton.
Martin was sent to us from Dominick at Cherry Boxx in LA. How’d you like working with him? 
Martin, was a breath of fresh air. Here is this guy from L.A. shooting content of me in Chicago that walks up and did not know who I was. He had not heard or read the b.s. He was just a super nice guy that was a quick photographer and he wanted what I wanted. He was not like, “you have to do this or you have to do that.” He was so nice to me. I appreciate Dominick sending Martin to Chicago and setting me up with him to shoot. I have worked for Cherry Boxx before and they were all so nice. Martin was so laid back, I did not expect anything any different coming from Cherry Boxx.
Rock and porn. Is the combo still significant? If so, more or less?
I think it is much less. I mean it used to be the rockstars loved the pornstars and the pornstars loved the rockstars, and some people used to say that rockstars ultimately wish they were pornstars and vice versa. Nowadays, you see rockstars with more of the model-type women. I  am not talking about the nude ones either, Tera Patrick aside.
Okay, Monster Magnet and music videos. How did that happen and do you want to do more? 
I answered an ad in Craig’s list for dancers for a music video. I did not know until I auditioned that it was for Monster Magnet. Which was cool, because I was a fan of theirs mainly due to their association with Manson. Manson’s old bass player was featured in one of their vids. I had a great time. Some girls did not even know who these guys were and I was like “Hello” and “What rock do you live under?” They were just kinda there. I missed the opportunity to be in a video for Manson soon after coming home and that really hurt. That was a HUGE ouch for me!  I most definitely wanna do more videos.
Whose music video would you like to be in? 
Gosh, there are so many bands I would love to be in. I mean from Nine Inch Nails to System of a Down to Type O (if they ever do another vid) to Fuel, A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie, now that would rock! Of course, Marilyn Manson. What would really be cool would for me to be an Evanescence vid being as they are from hometown and all, hehe. I could even see myself shakin’ my ass in a Lil’ Jon Vid.  Well, if I had a bit more ass to shake. I love to dance… it would be fun to just rock out in a video .Monster Magnet’s vid had some in it.
We’ve met and befriended many girls in the Adult Industry and we do have our personal favorites as those who we can now consider friends. You my lady are certainly the biggest contradiction and exception to the rule. We are stunned at what a true lady and a southern belle in every sense of the term that we’ve ever come across.
How and where do you draw the line and who do you attribute you charm and etiquette to? 
This is a very short answer… My mom.
Britney Skyy just signed a 6 pix deal with Cherry Boxx. Does it wet your appetite a bit to jump back in and work with her?
I would love to work with her. I knew who she was before going out to L.A.I had seen her in magazines and I thought she was very hot and sexy. I never saw any of her films work until I was in L.A. I was basing this on her sex appeal in her photos spreads. After seeing some of her work and seeing her in person.  My opinion has most definitely not changed. In fact, I  think she is somewhat underrated. She is drop dead gorgeous and she is not boring to watch on film. I would eat her pussy. Who wouldn’t LOL:)
You live fairly close to Gauge. When are you two going to make friends? 
I have only met once and it was on KSEX. I thought she was so cute and just like this little ball of fire. I was excited about meeting her. I kept getting asked if I knew Gauge, I was like “I gotta meet this chick.” It finally happened several months after being in the biz. She now lives like literally 45 minutes away from me.
So when are you an Gauge going to come to my city together and tear the motherfucker up with ol AZ? 
Hopefully in Oct. at the Pimp’s and Ho’s party. My fingers are crossed. I know I am gonna be there.
So on your next trip to Chicago, what are your hopes and aspirations? 
To just strengthen my friendship with Alex and everyone in his… um hmmm, posse, and to have a blast being surrounded by quality people.
Corina, it’s a true pleasure to work with and become a friend of yours. You are a real token to what an MK ViXXXen should represent. What do you imagine doing as far as association with this 10 yr old organization?
I hope to just keep building my gallery on your site and to keep being a part of such a killer website as well as letting everyone know just how great you guys are…Hopefully, I will grace the pages of your magazine someday…so instead of just saying I was in porn and I was in a nudie mag, I can say I was in porn and I love Rock N Fuckin Roll and I am in a magazine that stands for something that is a huge part of my life and coincides with the biz I am in, (was or is). LOL…

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