Fayner Posts: So we’re sitting on the beach stoned when the backside of some chick catches TR’s eyes.

“She’s got a great ass for porno!”

So I look. All I see is a 12 year old girl who would have a great ass for porno if she was six years older.

“That 12 year old girl?” I said loudly enough for the girl to hear, causing TR to become embarrassed. “That one right there? Great ass for porno? You think? Huh?””

“Shut up, dog!”

“No seriously, you want to hire that 12 year old for a porno?”

“Shut up, dog!”

Basically, I was trying to get even for the many times she had and will scream things like “Spunk in the trunk!” and “I love cock!” and the such late at night in our yard with my mother mere feet away. I don’t think it made a difference, but at least I had some fun.

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