Hi Scott,

I’ve been watching the News of the Floods in New Orleans and like most people outside the US was shocked at how the US Govt could just stand around and watch as other Americans suffered. It made no sense! Then I saw your site with jokes about the Metro porn company using flood victim pictures (maybe this was a TMFR post – i don’t know) but  my point is that I now know why the Govt took so long to respond – it’s because the people of the US don’t care about their poor either. This crisis is barely a week old and you or TMFR are already making jokes about it. I didn’t see jokes like this on your site after 9/11 when all those bankers were dying.
I’ve supported you in the past because I thought you were a liberal guy who didn’t go in for this reactionary crap. if all this was TMFR and not you – please sit her down and explain that those images on the TV weren’t the latest reality game show – My big fat obnoxious drowning family!!
would like a comment on this

Fayner Says:
I had no clue about this until you mentioned it to me, so one can assume I did not write it. Whoever did, TR or one of her slaves perhaps, they did so not out of disrespect but to maybe lighten the mood a bit following such a horrible event.  I believe Metro just could be in worse shape than New Orleans,  however, and for one find the story a bit funny.
The government here sucks for one, not caring about the poor and two, not caring about the poor. But we all know that already…

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