hey taylor, me and my girlfriend are huge fans and we really enjoy your work.  we were thinking if you ever were in NYC it would be our pleasure to smoke you and your posse (?) up.  we are a totally normal (aka not crazy) couple.  i’m a teacher for crying out loud.  anyway, it would be our pleasure to host you in the big apple.  if not good luck in all of your endeavors and thank you for the countless hours of jacking off time you are GREAT!!! (i added that last gem).  anyways, thanks for your time, and good luck withthis site! .. david and rebekah

Hey Taylor, the shit you did with your site rocks.  I know you are a stoner (Fo’ Real) so you should come to Canada and try some of our premium B.C. or T.O. weed.  Its practically legal to buy weed in stores down in B.C. … Jason

Hi Taylor, I just wanted to say "You rock girl".
I’ve been into porn for 30 years now and you are truly HOT and real! Like you I’ve been a stoner for a long time. I love your ‘tude and your body rocks! Keep up the smut!
signed, a 42 yr old male slut.BBB, (Big Balls Bill)


Sup Taylor, my name’s Robert.  I’m fairly new in the industry and am working on a few websites of mine under the company Hawkmaster Entertainment, Inc.  I ready that you’re over at Pierce College.  I wanted to offer my services as a tutor, if you were experiencing any trouble in math or science courses such as chemistry or physics.  I’d be honored to help you in any respect, and would just blow my mind to be in the presence of the tender little Taylor Rain!  I’m not some weird chester the molestor stalker guy, I’m just a college student working in the industry and getting shit done. And of course after learning all that fun shit that they make you take at college, we could hit the fuckin peace pipe after…oh yeah! Let me know if you’re interested. Robert C.

T, My name is David and I have a good story.  My fiancee and I have been together in NYC for 2 years.  Early on in our relationship she had a problem with my porn collection.  Once we communicated the problem she learned that most of my porn was YOU.  Why was that so good for us?   Well, I explained to her that watching you was kinda like watching HER have sex, since you two really look alike.  So everyting was OK.  Shrotly after it came to me…how fucking cool would it to be to party with you when you were in town…sure you get email like this all of the time, but we are really a hot couple, and at the very least you’ll fucking crack up and laugh all night.  We are not just hot, but we are mad fun.  WHen I looked for contact inof, to my happy surprise, I found out you smoke the haze….EVERYNIGHT for us, probalby why we dont party too much anymore, It’s perfect, bring your ass to NYC we’ll smoke the schiiiizo and maybe your twin and you can at least kisss?!?!?!  I know, I am barking up the proverbial tree, but I can try right???  Anyway, I’ve become a big ass fan, you were chokin’ on that shit before it was cool…… DJ PS here is a pic
Dear Ms. Rain,
I’m in a punk band called The Runs, based out of San Jose, CA.  Since we’re big fans of you and your work, we’d be honored if we could send you a copy of our album and a t-shirt to go along with it.  If you don’t like the CD, you can use it as a coaster.  If you don’t like the t-shirt, I’m sure Bandit the Third will put it to good use.  If you can give me an address to which I can send our shit, I’d dig it. Thanks, and happy gardening, Scott
ps. I’m not a creep.

Hi Taylor.  I’m a 28 year old grad student in shitty Akron, Ohio.  Just wanted
to congratulate on going back to school.  I hope you stick to it and make
something of yourself, unlike that junkiewhore Ashley Blue.  *Puff, puff,
give*. -Chris

hi Taylor Luke Mason From ADT Just Writing you to tell you I am with you and  defiancefilms on this Metro Issue. Metro is getting so lame now they cant see the forest through the trees. Sounds Like Metro is Becoming Desperate Now Doing anything it can to Get a Free $ Hell they cant even afford to pay the talent that works for them for MO’s on end Just Ask Cytherea How she feels about Metro And Cover your Ears as she tells you.


Hi Taylor, what’s up?  You’re my favorite brunette porn star.  I usually like blondes, but you’re pretty cute for a brunette.  I read on your site that you’re taking an English class; I actually have an English degree and I can honestly say that you’re grammar is not as atrocious as one would expect from a porn star.  I’m sure if you were blonde, it would be a lot worse.  Lol. I wrote an essay for school a couple of years ago defending the porn industry.  The paper got an A but I’m sure my professor thought I was a pervert.  One day she also overheard me discussing my penis size with a female friend of mine.  By the way, do you have any favorite books or writers?  I can tell you about some cool books to read in your spare time. 

EMAIL #10 
Hey TMFR… Read all the shit about Tory Lane on the site, and it peaked my interest. Checked out a bout 4-5 of her scenes and that chick is a fucking hot little firecracker. Cant understand for the life of me why a porn girl gets married and then swears off fucking unless it’s her hubby or suitcase pimp. I’ve also read some interviews with this little hottie and from what I read, she isn’t going to be just doing hubby for long. That will wear off soon, doesn’t it always. Anyway, that’s for the heads up on her, I figured that a chick you cast for your movie had to be on fire. Brian

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