Visiting Tyler the other night, left an injured Rhiannon in the car with the windows down for about 20 minutes. When I came back, and was walking down the driveway I noticed three coyotes circling my car, the leader on its hind legs as it began climbing into the car.

Coyotes are tough. Scary, even, especially when in a pack. I thought of none of this as I sprinted towards them before they grabbed little Rhi and tore her fat little body into a thousand pieces.

Thankfully, the coyotes ran for the hills in fear. I have no clue what I would have done had they not. I’m sure I would have fought them to the death, I’m sure of that, whether it be mine or theirs. Luckily I never found out which.

Rhiannon was in the back seat still growling when I opened the door and got inside.

The Gods were looking out for me at that moment, and I thank them.

Oh, and to make this story have anything to do with porno, I noticed a copy of Sloppy ‘Hos on the floor of the back seat and threw it out as I drove down the street and towards the safety of Studio City.

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