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(but at least he took down the pornography business, right? oh, wait, he didn’t even do that! dare I ask what the fuck Bush has been doing for the last four years besides making his rich friends richer?)

Fayner Posts: I seldom cry. When I do, it’s usually from watching a heroic dog on Animal Planet. But today I did cry as I watched National Geographic’s Inside 911 4 hour two-part special. Heavy, heavy shit, from the birth and nurturing of the 911 attack through its deployment and aftermath. I cried like a fucking baby through the whole thing.

The only thing that snapped me back to normal was thinking how funny it is that Bush will soon be responsible for more American deaths than the 3,000 or so we lost that day four years ago by fighting some war we can never win and should never have started. If and when we ever rid Iraq of terrorists, we’ll just move on to the next country deemed a threat to the American Way, and while we bomb them to Kingdom Come Iraq’s terror cells will rebuild and so will begin a never-ending chain.

Listen, I’m as patriotic as the next guy, and I support the kids fighting for my right to drive my SUV to the porno shop and buy adult movies whenever I want, but I’d give up that freedom in a second to end this war.

It is insane to think that our 300 year old country has the balls to believe the rest of the world should bow down and conform to our beliefs despite thousands of years of history and conflict and struggle behind everyone else. What makes our way the right way?

Sorry to bum anyone out with this tirade, but it does have a lot to do with the sex business and the future of the sex business in that a power-hungry organism never stops feeding once the taste of blood touches the tongue, and before we know it this 2257 pain in the ass will seem like a day at the spa once the beast wakes from its sleep.

Think the Patriot Act is unconstitutional? It’s only just begun people. What do you think will happen when America’s majority begins denouncing the war? Certainly not an end to the war, but an all-out attack on our beloved porno community. It’s called a smoke-screen, and it is headed this way.

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