#PR: TANYA TATE Nominated For UK’s Best MILF And MILF of the Year.


The popular performer is looking to secure her fifth SHAFTA MILF award and second Paul Raymond MILF award.

For Immediate Release: JULY 6th, 2016

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Adult entertainment superstar Tanya Tate (http://tanyatate.com) has received nominations from two British adult organizations Television X’s The SHAFTA Awards and Paul Raymond Awards. As both entities recently announced nominees for their respective award show, Tanya Tate was the recipient MILF noms from each. Long heralded as the England’s queen MILF, Tanya has received a total of 10 MILF awards since launching her career in 2008.

“For every nomination I receive I am extremely thankful,” said Tanya. “I am very appreciative that I’m recognised for my performances. So happy that England has not forgotten me, as I would never forget the fans from my home country.”

Debuting in 2010, Television X’s SHAFTA Awards recognize the best in British adult entertainment. Since its inception, Tanya has won MILF of the Year four consecutive times, setting an amazing record. The SHAFTA Awards are voted on by the public which can be done at http://SHAFTA.XXX. In the UK, fans can also vote by texting TANYA to 83121 or calling 0901 370 37 36.

Paul Raymond Publications are a household name in the UK. Their popular and well known lines of “top shelf” lads' magazines include Mayfair, Club International, Men Only, Escort & Razzle. Their annual award show celebrates the finest in England’s adult entertainment. Having won the title in 2013, Tanya hopes this year's nomination will translate into another win. Tanya's legions of fans can ensure her victory by voting via SMS and texting MTANYA to 83010 or visiting https://www.digitalmagazines.xxx/awards.

More information on voting for Tanya can be found on VoteTanya.com, her official campaign site.

Tanya Tate is nominated for SHAFTA’s Best MILF and Paul Raymond Awards MILF of the Year! The only way she can win is if you #VoteTanya!


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