Flourish Amateurs Bows Hot New Hotwife Riley Jacobs Scene

The Flourish XXX Drops New Sweet Vickie Cuckold Cinematic Clip

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Amateurs released a smoldering new scene featuring hotwife Riley Jacobs with Brick Cummings. In Riley Jacobs Calls Over the BBC Handiman the two quickly get to work on each other! Riley calls over the hung stud to fix her AC and while he works eyes him up and down. It doesn’t take long for Brick to realize his gorgeous client needs her personal pipes plumbed as well.

Wrapping his hands around her sweet thick ass cheeks turns Brick into a new man! What starts out as a fun set up quickly turns into a scorching hot scene as the lusty brunette turns up the heat for her chiseled lover, holding nothing back.

“I absolutely love working with Brick!” Riley Jacobs said. “I was so excited to see him again last month and couldn’t wait to get my hands on him! I can’t wait for more sexy and fun scenes of ahead of us!”

Her costar couldn’t agree more!

“I been wanting to shoot with Riley Jacobs for a minute and it just so happen our schedules aligned,” explained Brick. “We wasted little time in making something happen. Love the cute script we came up with as well.”

See Riley and Brick in action now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Riley-Jacobs-calls-over-the-BBC-Handiman.html.

The Flourish XXX recently dropped a taboo new scene featuring scorching hot blonde PAWG Sweet Vickie with Brick Cummings. Hot Wife Sweet Vickie say Cucks Just Watch starts with the ink drenched sweetheart strolling through a brisk fall evening in Dallas.

Sweet Vickie tells her cuck he can watch her with her BBC lover for the evening in his penthouse. Brick Cummings shares an intense vibe with the dirty MILF and the two have wild sex while her cuck watches with a glass of wine enjoying the view.

“I loved the cuck scene with Brick,” said Sweet Vickie. “Having my hubby watch me with another man is a complete turn on. I loved the passion and romance of this scene. There is such an amazing chemistry between me and Brick when we are together, and TJ has great vision.”

See Hot Wife Sweet Vickie say Cucks Just Watch now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Hot-Wife-Sweet-Vickie-say-Cucks-Just-Watch.html.

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The Flourish XXX Releases Mandii Marie DVP and DP 1st Gangbang – Part 1


‘Sweet Vickie Texas Super Hot Wife 3some Anal Creampie’ Out Now on Amateurs

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish is at it again, dropping smoking hot new content to keep fans minds blown. This week they’ve got two stand out scenes to keep their loyal followers super satisfied.

The first, Mandii Marie DVP and DP 1st Gangbang – Part 1, is on their main XXX site. The pint-sized, tattooed, big cock lover gets fucked hard and rough by a group of hung, horny studs. They pass around the brown eyed alt beauty, who starts out wearing a pink thong and matching top that reads CUM SLUT and ends up riding and sucking dick in a nonstop fuck frenzy that last twenty minutes and wraps up with her pretty face being bathed in hot cum.

Mandii says being able to push herself and create scenes like this are the very reason why she wanted to be involved with company.

“I signed with The Flourish Brand Management Division and I asked them to push me,” said Mandii. “From the beginning they challenged me as I am a xxx hardcore performer, and they seem to really produce great xxx hardcore content as one of their specialties. I also have modeling opportunities via their Flourish Models brand ambassador program which they revamped recently. I am extremely happy and making more money that I had been the past few years and shooting with awesome people. Just wait to see what is coming out!”

TJ assured fans that as amazing as this first release is the second part is longer and crazier so stay tuned.

See part one now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Mandii-Marie-DVP-and-DP-1st-Gangbang-Part-1.html.

The second standout scene this week is Sweet Vickie Texas Super Hot Wife 3some Anal Creampie on the Flourish Amateurs site. When Sweet Vickie dials up Dmann and Brick to come over and ‘service’ her, they had no idea she was ready to get fucked in the ass. Naturally the boys are happy to oblige the top 10 MILF with the perfect bubble and charming smile. In fact, Brick leaves her with a gift afterward; a juicy anal creampie leaking out of her backdoor! Sweet Vickie loved the scene and working with the company overall.

“This was my second time working with Brick Cummings as we had arranged a shoot date in Dallas,” said Sweet Vickie. “I am glad I was able to meet the brain trust of The Flourish XXX and they embraced my team. Great minds came together that day as we shot one that is fitted for an amateur vibe, my audience, but also, we shot a second one that will come out in a month or two. TJ of The Flourish challenged me to be cinematic and test the waters. Can’t wait for my fans to embraces both scenes on my platform and this is a great budding relationship with The Flourish XXX.”

Brick had nothing but praise for his costars, especially Sweet Vickie!

“Sweet Vickie was amazing as usual,” said Brick. “Dmann is a cool dude. Met him for the first time. This was my first double shoot with Vickie. Can’t wait to do more with her, maybe three or four scenes a year.”

The Flourish CEO TJ said it all just clicked like magic and that he enjoyed working with her and her man.

“This was great minds coming together who are not too far from one another and getting the most out of each other,” said TJ. “Creating magic, everyone is a content creator at heart. Sweet Vickie is absolutely stunning and once she gets to know you, she opens up, very down to earth and easy to talk to. Her husband Dan is a dude’s dude, the type you can drink with and go to a ballgame with. He filmed one in the day and I filmed one at night.”

Check out the graphic anal action now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Sweet-Vickie-Texas-Super-Hot-Wife-3some-Anal-Creampie.html.

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Flourish Amateurs Releases Hot New Sweet Vicki Scene

‘Dallas MILF Sweet Vickie vs Brick Cummings’ Available Now

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Amateurs continues its hot streak with another sizzling new scene out this week. Dallas MILF Sweet Vickie vs Brick Cummings. The 30-minute clip features incredible moments of peak passion as the combination of two truly sensual performers creates a high intensity erotic encounter.

The dreamy Texas MILF mesmerizes Brick with her soft blue eyes and luscious curves. The muscular, hung stud waste no time demonstrating his sexual prowess and elan with his powerful and acrobatic style of sex. Sweet Vickie rides him, and he pound her in reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and more, sinking his steely shaft balls deep in the breathtaking busty beauty as she cries out in bliss.

She saves a surprise for last, showing off his massive load her mouth then swallowing his seed. She wasted no time afterward sharing her feelings about the new scene.

“I loved having Brick Cummings BBC in my married pussy,” Sweet Vickie said. “I couldn’t get enough! He got so deep and had me moaning with pleasure. I loved the taste of his cum in my mouth as I drained his balls. Was definitely a pleasure working with Brick! He is amazing!”

With such strong chemistry, Brick couldn’t help but feel the same way about his incredible costar. He was quick to return her praises with some of his own.

“Sweet Vickie almost had me in tears,” Brick said, “tears of passion that is. Her still blue eyes when she was doing her thing on me. I tried my damnedest to keep my composure. She hits soooo good and knows how to control tempo. Probably one of the only women in a very long time that knows about tempo and she controls.”

Flourish CEO TJ is thrilled with how the scene turned out and with how things are going with Flourish Amateurs. In a tough market brimming with competition, his brand continues to grow and grow.

“When I heard about this collaboration, I knew I wanted to put some touch on it,” said TJ. “When I saw the footage of what they did I actually was blown away. She rocked his world and vice versa.”

TJ also assures fans that this isn’t the last they will be seeing of the Texas stunner, at least not if he has anything to say about it.

“We are talking with Sweet Vickie’s team about more collaborations together in the very near and distant future. Good vibes.”

Check out the trailer now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Dallas-MILF-Sweet-Vickie-vs-Brick-Cummings.html.

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