The Flourish XXX Drops Subgirl Super Sex Battle

Isiah Maxwell and Subgirl0831 Share Perfect Chemistry in Sexy New Scene

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX continues to astonish fans with their high-quality releases. This week they dropped a very powerful collaboration shot and facilitated by TheFlourishxxx with top stars in Super Sex Battle: Subgirl0831 vs Isiah Maxwell, blowing fans minds in the process. Subgirl0831 is one of the top amateurs in the world (if not the top), and Isiah one of the top male performers. Together they share perfect chemistry as the Flourish XXX captures an extraordinary and unprecedented sexual encounter between two of adult entertainments best.

“Working with TJ is like working with my brother,” said Isiah. “When he told me he had a major trade opportunity that we could do during our shoot week I was like let’s knock it out. I had no idea it would be Subgirl0831 until a couple of days before and I was on Cloud 9 as I had been wanting to work with her, but we are on opposite coasts and both our schedules are insane to say the least. Glad we all made this happen and this won’t be the only time.”

“This was such an awesome day as I was on my hot wives tour and had finished it up and to get to a beautiful mansion and there was others who are big stars that were on set and wrapping up,” said Subgirl0831. “TJ aka Mr Flourish had a make-up artist ready for me and the vibe was amazing from everyone I felt like a queen as I got there. Isiah was the sweetest and one of the most professional and respectful I had been around, and he is a god in love making. I had such an amazing experience and the synergies I have with TheFlourishxxx and in particular Mr. Flourish will go far in this upcoming 2023 year. Can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store.”

“This was the World Series of one-on-one trade shoots,” TJ explained. “Isiah and I have worked together on so many mainstream scenes and we were like why don’t we also do some trade collabs shoots as well for both our platforms when the timing and location suits us. Just so happens our first was Isiah and Subgirl0831. Also, Subgirl’s husband Taylor and I hit off so well (may become gaming buddies) they both are very down to earth people. It was an amazing moment that moves the needle in the right direction.

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Brick’s Room from Brick Cummings Brings Subgirl to Flourish Amateurs

‘SubGirl vs Brick Cummings lock horns in Dallas’ Available Now

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Amateurs is excited to announce a hot new scene this week from Brick Cummings’ Brick’s Room featuring one of the hottest amateurs of all time – SubGirl! SubGirl vs Brick Cummings lock horns in Dallas is a super gonzo amateur session with top PAWG and amateur SubGirl aka Subgirl0831 taking on the Flourish’s own Urban X Awards BBC nominee Brick Cummings. The nearly thirty-minute scene features the well-matched pair going all gas no brakes from face fuck to facial finish!

“I met Brick for the first time on my Dallas trip,” said SubGirl. “I want to start by saying he is very professional, so well mannered. Let me just say, he didn’t disappoint. He was up for anything, so our scene was shot gonzo style, which is very much in SubGirl fashion. It was amazing from start to finish. You definitely will not want to miss seeing this scene!”

“SubGirl lived up to what the talk was all about,”  said Brick. “We found time to get some one on one in and as usual I brought my intensity. She matched it and responded well. She was open to many positions and we fit live a glove together. Can’t wait to do more ‘fun work’ with her for our platforms and some up and coming stuff I can’t disclose yet.”

“Brick is one of my day one guys,” said Flourish CEO TJ, “along with Experience Black. I had been talking to SubGirl and he husband for months. We tried to get together in May but logistics were an issue but I am super thrilled Brick and SubGirl0831 were able to lock in during a Dallas trip.”

But the fun between these two won’t end with this scene, not according to TJ.

“There is more on the way,” he added. “Stay tuned!”

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