Take Two! The Flourish XXX Drops Spicy Jayde, Brick Cummings Rematch

Feisty Sequel Features Tatted Ginger Teen Taking Hard Pussy Pounding, Hot Load

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX has a hot new scene out to keep fans stroking this Valentine’s Day. ‘19YO SPICY JAYDE AND BRICK CUMMINGS PART 2’ features feisty redhead teen Spicy Jayde showing off her flawless, tatted nubile body as she takes the fucking of her sweet young life at the hands of a total pro!

The scene starts with Brick walking in with the naked and shaved starlet over his strong shoulder. He gets to work, using his thick dick to pry open her pretty pink pussy and get her gushing. Once she’s all worked up, she rides the ripped stud’s rod to satisfaction in the form of several screaming orgasms. Brick takes control again and finishes what they started, pulling out and coating her puffy, well-fucked pink lips and pucker in a massive wad of creamy jizz.

“This was a very intense shoot we did when we wanted to have a content creative retreat in Dallas,” said Brick. “Part one was outdoors, and we were sweaty after an hour so we came inside and relaxed for a bit and decided let’s do more. Jayde was a pleasure to work with and our fans love our pairing.”

His stunning teen costar Spicy Jayde will never forget her first time going pro.

“Brick was my first pro dick, so to speak, and he put it on me I swear,” said Jayde. “At that time, I had not worked with a videographer to the caliber of TJ aka MrFlourish and when I look at part one and part two no wonder my fans adore them. Everything clicked that night and looking forward to round three at our Florida Collab retreat we have planned coming up!”

According to TJ, the scene was a grand slam!

“Both performers hit it out the park, made my job easier,” said TJ. “It was a perfect shoot for Team Flourish!”

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The Flourish XXX Drops New Pros Scene Featuring Adult Superstar Lauren Phillips

Also, Spicy Jayde Makes Flourish XXX Debut with Brick Cummings!

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX is proud to announce the release of their latest installment of their hi-end theatrical series, The Pros. Adult superstar Lauren Phillips brings her acting talents out before putting on an award worthy performance in the sizzling new scene. EP 4 – Lauren Phillips and Experience Black stars the statuesque fiery redhead adult actress as a powerful CEO of a professional sports team who just had a player trade go wrong and is seeing red!

Phillips calls in the ‘double sided’ agent Mr. Experience Black, letting him have it. The veteran performer tears into him, throws things at him, and even goes as far as challenging his manhood. Newcummer Black happily accepts that challenge, giving the hot PAWG adult superstar forty plus minutes of bliss on his ten inches of big, hard cock in this jaw dropping new release. After the scene wrapped, Phillips said she immensely enjoyed the experience.

“I loved working with The Flourish XXX,” said Lauren. “TJ is so creative, and they had Elle as my MUA so having a familiar face was good. It was an amazing shoot and Experience Black was out of this world with his big package. I am cautious when working with new guys but so glad I worked with him. They let me play a powerful sports CEO and that was right up my alley and the BTS lead up, the trailer everything came out looking nice!”

Black shared similar sentiments about his sexy costar.

“I love working with my Flourish team as a Brand Ambassador and crossover friendly performer,” said Experience Black. “They provided me a home when I achieved Top 10 XVideo Amateur performer as I make my way into the professional mainstream realm. Lauren was a sweetheart and joy to work with. She made my day quite easy and brought a lot to the table.”

Watch the trailer now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/The-Pros-EP-4-Lauren-Phillips-and-Experience-Black.html.

The Flourish also has a hot new scene with Tik Tok teen sensation Spicy Jayde. In her debut scene, the 18-year-old tells a pal she needs dick on demand and gets sent over legit “Meat Delivery Grade A” in the form of Brick Cummings. Jayde introduces herself, lures him out to the back yard, and gets to work on that dick. Brick breaks in her beautiful little pussy, making her squirt all over his steely shaft in the newly dropped scorcher.

The first of two parts, this cherry popping clip with teen sensation Jayde is sure to satisfy fans. See it now for yourself at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Casting-18yo-Spicy-Jayde-with-Brick-Outdoors-Scene.html.

Spicy Jayde is contract talent signed to Flourish management to help her career thrive!

“She is open to work with premier studios and agencies as part of her deal,” explained Flourish CEO TJ, “but you will see a lot of her on The Flourish Network. She also is pushing the agenda for The Flourish on Tik Tok.”

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