The Flourish XXX Releases New Episode of Series ‘Meta-XXX-Verse’

Isiah Gets All Of Mena Carlisle in Passionate Second VR Offering

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX’s brand-new virtual reality series “Meta-XXX-Verse” continues to kick ass with a hot new release that dropped this weekend. “Meta-XXX-Verse: VR Episode 2 – Mena Carlisle” is a hardcore, mind-bending trip into the sexy side of virtual reality.

“We broke this scene into two episodes as they were massive but also needed two episodes to truly tell the story and the ‘concept’ around my version of Virtual Reality or Teleportation into REALMS,” TJ from The Flourish explained.

The series is a heady blend of XXX virtual reality with a hint of inception inside an edgy sexual Matrix of extreme arousal filled with top-tier talent. Invited to try out the new VR experience, participants are soon unable to discern what is reality and what is part of the program.

Guests are warned before participating that the longer they stay, the harder it will be to leave. Presented with a world of unparalleled sexual fulfillment, most of them don’t want to return!

“For episode two in pairing Isiah and Mena, I felt they would go somewhere in lovemaking that normally is not seen in porn. The depths and how they looked into each other’s eyes and communicated without talking was marvelous.”

Mena loved being part of the groundbreaking new series and really enjoyed working with Isiah, something she explained she’d been dreaming of for a while.

“I was so happy TJ and The Flourish flew me out to LA to be a part of this marvelous new concept and scene,” said Mena. “Everyone from Kira to Will and Isiah was awesome. Working with Isiah was on my list, and they made it happen. So happy!”

Award-winning stud Isiah has fucked with The Flourish since day one, but even he knew this was next-level content. The affable performer shared his incredible experience.

“This was a unique fresh new concept by The Flourish XXX and I was glad to be a part of it,” said Isiah. “Everyone on set that day was super talented and fun to be around. Working with Mena for the first time was a pleasure in itself and you can see in our passion during the scene.”

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