Bosslady 1st Ever Gangbang! The Flourish XXX Drops Hardcore New Scene

Datjguy, Masked Prophet, MassagebyBlack,
& Phantom Strokes Her Special 1st Time

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX is thrilled to announce the release of their latest ultra-hardcore scene, “Bosslady 1st Ever Gangbang and Porn Baptism.” Datjguy, Masked Prophet, MassagebyBlack, and Phantom Strokes do the honors in the incredible new drop shot by Mark Canon.

First, Mr. Flourish dresses up like a priest and baptizes the curvy beauty in the pool in a hilarious intro while the boys wait in the back, eager for their moment. Then he feeds the sexy slut to the wolves. The hung studs waste no time working open the hot, juicy holes of this gorgeous gal in her real-life first time taking on multiple partners at once. The boys make her first time special and by the end, she is squirting in bliss and quivering from climaxing so hard.

Phantom added, “I been trying to work with Bosslady so when TJ hit me up and said he needed me for the gangbang and told me it was her, I swear I almost jumped out of my seat!”

Bosslady fantasized about having this type of experience. Now that the scene is wrapped and released, she is excited about how it all turned out.

“When I asked TJ to produce a gangbang for me he went above and beyond,” explained Bosslady. “He freaking got dressed up in a priest outfit. I am so happy that it turned out the way that it did. Flourish is family to me.”

Flourish CEO TJ explained that he just clicked with the beauty from the moment they met.

“I met her in Chicago at Exxxotica and we hit it off,” TJ said. “Both of us are very authentic. We put together this amazing shoot and I’m glad it turned into something special. This is just the beginning for us and Bosslady!”

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Red Light Lair: Flourish XXX Releases New Willow Ryder Scene

Brick Cummings Nails Naughty Newbie in Riveting Release

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX just keeps the flood of hot new content flowing this week, with the release of their latest scene, Willow Ryder lures Brick to her Red Light Lair. Breathtaking young beauty Willow rolls around in sexy lingerie on the bed, flashing her pretty eyes expectantly up at Brick. He softly kisses the petite stunner, allowing the enchanting temptress to work her way down to his impressive cock where she shows off her extraordinary oral abilities.

A lesser man would have simply unloaded right then and there in her mouth but rising stud Brick manages to keep his cool. He eats her out then let’s her ride his rod in several rooms as the action goes from the bed to the bathroom to the shower. Willow simply can’t get enough of Brick or his thick dick!

“This was my second time working with Brick and I felt this time was even more chemistry,” raved Willow. “I have some major scene coming out so this whirlwind entry into the adult industry has been a fun roller coaster thus far!”

“Willow was amazing as this was the second time working with her for our platforms,” said Brick. “A threesome is coming out in mid-February, so you need to look forward to that. Willow had a red light idea and ran it by TJ and he was like be creative, do y’all thing.”

The scene was lensed by the latest member of the Flourish family Mark Canon.

“It was an honor to be part of Team Flourish Florida production crew,” said Canon.

Willow went on to praise the company as well as CEO, TJ.

“I love everything that The Flourish XXX stands for,” said Willow. “TJ and team are really reaching out trying to work with up-and-coming stars in our own right and helping with engagement and digital marketing genius they are.

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