BimboFans Officially Launching in October!

Extreme New Platform Already Features All Star Bimbo Lineup

LONDON – Earlier this month the world was rocked by news of popular platform OnlyFans banning sexually explicit content, allegedly due to pressure from banks and extremist religious zealots. The decision caused panic for many adult performers and sex workers who depend on selling their content to survive and often feel abused or unheard by the very systems they rely on and enrich.

OnlyFans has since changed their tune, but the proverbial cat may already be out of the bag given the proliferation of new and competing platforms emerging in response to last week’s announcement. Where some see chaos, others see opportunity – and seize it with both gorgeous, manicured hands.

Introducing BimboFans – a new content platform created by Alicia Amira, the queen of bimbos, for bimbo dolls and those who adore them. Launching in October, BimboFans promises features and pricing competitive with OnlyFans with no censorship of legal adult content.

“There has never been a platform dedicated exclusively to bimbos until now,” explains a company rep, “and never one as over the top and extreme! BimboFans is an oasis for real bimbos and bimbo lovers, a lifestyle community where bimbos can be who they are – plastic, sexy, and born to fuck!”

Along with Alicia Amira, the site will launch with stars Blondie Bennet, Sabrina Sabrok, Courtney Taylor, Sophie Anderson, Savannah Bond, Amber May, Mila Elaine, Gymgamergirl, Fetish Barbie, Mara Ink, Sammi Sprinkles, Jessica Smith, Lulu Lehrman, Ava Van Rose, Angel Wings Waifu, Trisha James, Jennafer Lee, Jessy Bunny, Dez Fraser, Ellys Angela and more!

“This is something that’s never been done before,” Alicia reiterates with glowing pride. “Creating an exclusive platform dedicated to the sexy, plastic, bimbolicious lifestyle that unites the most famous and celebrated bimbos where they can build a safe community was the only solution to avoid censorship! I’m thrilled to be able to offer that to other bimbos.”

With so many beautiful bimbos in one place, fans will undoubtedly feel like a kid in a candy store. As for the bimbos, they couldn’t be more pleased to have a place of their own to call home, away from the harsh judgement of haters, hags, and other forms of harassment!

“I absolutely refuse to fit the criteria of today’s standards and censorship,” says Dez Fraser. “These amplified curves do not belong in a box. I was not born to be square. At BimboFans, I’m free to be me!”

“Sites like are revolutionizing the oldest profession in the world,” Jennafer Lee adds. “We as sex workers have the right to be protected and respected as any other profession and work freely without shame or censorship. Sex work has changed my life for the better. I am passionate and love what I do!”

“Having a site dedicated to bimbos is a dream come true!” Blondie Bennet exclaims. “It’ll be a place where we can be ourselves and share our lifestyle with those who crave it and for those wanting to find out more about our bimbo life!”

“I have built my career as proud bimbo, an unapologetic sex worker, and a professional adult actress,” says Alicia Amira. “BimboFans will let me continue to pursue my career on a platform free from censorship by people who hate everything I stand for!”

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