Nalpac Now Shipping All-Natural And Vegan Products From GLYDE Condoms

Nalpac Now Shipping All-Natural And Vegan Products From GLYDE Condoms

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — February 19, 2020 — FERNDALE, Mich.– America’s leading adult distributor, Nalpac (, is now shipping products from GLYDE Condoms. GLYDE Condoms manufactures all-natural and vegan condoms in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Nalpac is pleased to now be stocking and shipping all-natural and vegan condoms from GLYDE. GLYDE is the world’s first certified non-toxic, ethical, and fair-trade condom. It’s also the only condom certified by the Vegan Society. GLYDE was created to deliver a more satisfying safer sex experience while using sustainable ingredients and cruelty-free practices. Established in 1990, GLYDE’s mission was to revolutionize sexual health and wellness by popularizing its vision, where condoms were no longer a taboo topic. Now vegan condoms are in demand.

“We are excited to add GLYDE as an option for our customers. With the end consumer now being more informed about sexual health and wellness products, we want to be sure we are offering choices to meet those demands. GLYDE has an outstanding product that comes very nicely packaged in various size and style options,” said Andy Craig, Nalpac COO.

GLYDE’s most popular products include the Glyde Ultra Standard Fit Condoms. Glyde’s best-seller, ULTRA, is an ultra-thin, standard fit, 53mm medium condom. Lightly lubricated and made to comfortably fit most men. Glyde Slim Fit Condoms. Wearing the correct condom size is the key to reliable performance and pleasure for both partners. Tailored for comfort, SLIMFIT provides a snugger, tighter fit at 49mm. Glyde Maxi XL Condoms. Glyde’s Maxi is an extra-large, ultra-thin 56mm condom with generous room in both width and length without compromising sensitivity. GLYDE, as a company, holds certifications, including The Vegan Society, PETA’s Caring Consumer Program, Ethiquette, the Green Business Network, and B Corp.

Nalpac customers with questions about any of the GLYDE products or to place an order can contact their Nalpac sales representative. New prospective Nalpac customers can email to get an account set up. To sign up for the Nalpac email newsletter and take advantage of significant savings, special promotions, and online education tools, please visit Nalpac’s blog at

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