What does each “Content Preference” mean?

As a valued member of Adult Time, we want to ensure you have the best experience possible while exploring our content. That’s why we offer ‘Content Preference’ filters in the members’ area, allowing you to tailor your viewing experience to your specific interests. In this blog post, we’ll explain each of the five ‘Content Preferences’ available, helping you make informed choices when setting up your preferences.

The Straight preference features sex between cisgender men and women. This category encompasses a range of content, from scenes between a man and a woman to threesomes involving two women and one man. It’s important to note that in these threesomes, the women may also have sex with each other. If there’s more than one male in the scene, the males do not touch each other when filtering using the ‘straight’ preference. You will also see solo female content.

The Lesbian preference exclusively features cisgender women having sex with each other. It is possible that there will be a male cameo in the scene in a non-sex role. You will also see solo female content.

The Trans preference features trans women having sex with other trans women, cisgender men, and cisgender women. If there is a trans performer in the scene, it will show up when you filter using the ‘trans’ preference.

The ‘bisex’ preference refers to cisgender men having sex with each other while they are also having sex with one or multiple women. All of the scenes in this preference are threesomes with two males and one female. If you prefer threesomes with two females and one male, you can safely hide this preference without missing out on male-female-female threesomes (as long as “straight” is set to show). We understand that bisexual could also be understood as representing bisexual females, but in this case the content would appear either under ‘straight’ or ‘lesbian’.

The Gay preference features sex between cisgender males. It includes scenes with cisgender males of various appearances, including androgynous and feminine-looking individuals.

By understanding and utilizing our ‘Content Preference’ filters, you can personalize your viewing experience to align with your specific interests. Whether you’re seeking straight, lesbian, trans, bisexual, or gay content, we strive to provide a diverse range of scenes that cater to your preferences. Remember, you have the freedom to show or hide each preference, ensuring that your membership is tailored to your desires. Enjoy exploring our content!

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